The Rest of The Pictures..
2004-04-11 22:35:12 ET

I've messed with all of these mostly..I like them lots and lots..but i dunno if viola will. oh well.

fav pic 1:

fav pic 2:

fav pic 3:

2004-04-12 02:06:50 ET

umm, they are all of me


2004-04-12 09:15:11 ET

haha well yeah the whole roll of film was mostly you haha. i've got some of emilee and some of bowling i'm going ot post today, but other than that, it's you and um..hah that's it haha. what i'm going to use my film to take pictures of me?

2004-04-12 09:25:35 ET

are there no pics of both of us???

2004-04-12 10:21:21 ET

not on my camera..oh wait..there's one damn i forgot to go that far into teh pile of pictures haha..i'll scan those right now cause the one of you and mom is REALLY good

2004-04-12 11:17:25 ET


i wanna see!!!!

2004-04-12 11:18:00 ET

yea there are tons of picture of you... only like one or two with me in 'em... hahaha... i think i did pretty good not gettin' into too many pics haha...

2004-04-12 11:21:49 ET

think you are funny don't ya!


2004-04-12 11:45:12 ET

haha i have the other pictures scanned now i'm just trying to get photobucket to load up

2004-04-12 11:48:28 ET

good, cause i wanna see!


2004-04-12 11:55:21 ET

there you go

2004-04-12 13:32:55 ET

O_o haha cool... yeap yeap i'm pretty sly...

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