Roses really smell like poo-poo-pooooo
2004-04-14 19:07:39 ET

Ok , really , I don't have much to say, I'm watching South Park. I just wanted to post, cause umm..



*hugs and smooches to all....ok...well mostly all* hehe

*runs around dancing and singing* Roses really smell like poo-poo-poooooo...roses really smell like pooo-poooo-pooooooo

2004-04-14 19:20:22 ET

*runs around, dances, and sings with tasha*

2004-04-14 20:01:58 ET

*eyes both Tasha and Viola Strangly* rightttttttttttt.......hehe

2004-04-14 20:03:31 ET

*sings very loudly* you think your sh*it don't stink, but ROSES REALLY SMELL LIKE POOOO-POOOOO

2004-04-14 20:06:46 ET

*confused* I have no clue what is going on *lays down on floor and stares at the ceiling*

2004-04-14 20:10:07 ET

outkast has a new single

2004-04-14 20:17:05 ET

oh really? I gots to pick that up! outkast is cool.

2004-04-14 20:18:44 ET

the video is very funny!!

2004-04-14 20:23:34 ET

really? whats is it about? I still think the Grammy's were hillarious, when they sung "hey ya!" dressed as indians..hehe

2004-04-14 20:24:49 ET

i didn't see that :(

and the video is kinda like grease!!

2004-04-14 20:26:19 ET

like Grease? Outkast? *tries for a mental image* noooooo........

2004-04-14 20:27:14 ET

i am telling you, it is great!!

2004-04-14 20:30:41 ET

i gotta go watch it now, even though i cant see em doing that

2004-04-14 20:52:49 ET

ok viola if you are gonna sing on my page....sing the right lyrics..

*sings and dances like in the video* i know you like to thank your shit don't stank but lean a lil' bit closer and see that roses really smell like poo-poo-pooooo

2004-04-14 23:59:22 ET

i wanna watch SouthPark

2004-04-15 03:47:15 ET

haha!! sorry!

2004-04-15 17:49:56 ET

I wanna watch some Southpark as well.....*sigh*

2004-04-15 18:09:46 ET

well come watch some south park

2004-04-15 22:05:12 ET

i wanna...

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