*pitches a fit*
2004-04-16 09:13:08 ET


*picks up a picket sign and starts to protest...."Cowboy Must Stay"* *walks around in circles*

ok that's me ...protesting...damn the man ...brad better not have to leave!

2004-04-16 11:30:35 ET

*starts to protest with tasha*

2004-04-16 14:07:00 ET

*picks up sign* :::sign says::: "save Brad's sweet ass :-*"
:::walks in circle with tash and viola::::

2004-04-16 14:31:42 ET

*giggles* sweet ass...haha

2004-04-16 14:35:49 ET

lol, that is great!!

2004-04-16 15:12:52 ET

*quickly paints a sign reading "Brad Im pregnant, and it's yours"* *chants* damn the man...save the Swartz, Damn the man...Save the Swartz...*joins in on the circle*

2004-04-16 15:27:29 ET

*falls over laughing*

2004-04-16 15:35:24 ET


2004-04-16 15:43:01 ET

*grins and chants some more with a little bum shakin*

2004-04-16 15:46:04 ET

did everybody see the picture i took of brad off his cam? it's in my SK Family Gallery..haha soooooo adorable!

2004-04-16 15:57:39 ET

awwww *steals it*

2004-04-16 15:59:17 ET


2004-04-16 15:59:42 ET

haha, cute

2004-04-16 17:07:25 ET

isn't it adorable?! i was proud of myself for catching that hehe.

2004-04-16 18:07:33 ET

it is adorable...very

2004-04-17 22:41:58 ET

*quickly paints a sign that says save the Panda Chicken, eat less butter, and begins parading around chanting " No more brussel sprouts"* hehehe *stops* hey waita minute.....what are we chanting about now? hehe

2004-04-17 22:45:30 ET

we is chanting about YOU!

2004-04-17 22:49:54 ET

ah..*tosses away sign he had made, striking some cat off screen (hehe) quickly repaints another sign which reads "help keep me here!:D" and begins to parade around some more.

2004-04-17 22:55:51 ET

hehe there ya go

2004-04-17 23:18:06 ET


2004-04-18 23:00:15 ET


2004-04-19 08:15:53 ET

I dont think there is any fear of me gettin kicked out, least not right now. So i am here for a lil while. :D Told you that you couldnt get rid of me that easy..hehe

2004-04-19 10:30:10 ET

ha...thats my line

2004-04-19 11:25:58 ET

well we don't want to get rid of you , easy or not

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