I just...
2005-03-07 14:12:10 ET

Had the bestestestest *etc* weekend ever! :)

I went down to Kentucky to surprise my
for his birthday :) Kandess and I had it all planned out for about a month now hehe cause I'm kinda sneaky. He said he thought we was up to something but that's just cause I told him to call me soon as he got there cause me and Kandess had to talk about something haha.

But at any rate we had a party for him on Saturday and Sunday we went to the Falls to take some pictures and then we went to his house so I could meet his dad and brother and grandma and uncle :) which was uber nice indeed. and I met the puppies hehe they is sooo cute.

And then today he was scheduled to go to work and then I'd leave when he went to work but he was sick, had a fever again so we stayed in bed til around 12:00-12:30 when we both left, him for a dr appt and me to come back home *sniffles*

It was harder to leave then I thought it was going to be..I mean I knew I'd be wanting to stay but I miss him much *nodnod*

2005-03-07 17:36:15 ET

awww i's glad you had fun....In just a few i'll be putting up some pics of the boths of yous...and that group shot which came out really well. It's cute...you'll see. I'm glad you had fun =)

2005-03-07 18:40:47 ET

I loved it bebe *tisses* i jsut wish i hadnt been so sick the whole time, but it was so great having you there, you made me forget about feeling so bad :D.
It was hard to let you go too tash, i didnt cry while we were getting our goodbye hug/kiss but after i stopped and got my checks, and stopped for gas, the first song that started playing when i got in my truck and fired it was up rascal flatts and 'god bless the broken road' and i lost it.
We will be ok tho, at least till may :D if i get a chance to come back up before then tho, i plan on it :D but trust me, our anniv will be special :D we have already broken each others highest dating period :D
heheh i do apologize for just breaking out into sleep talking this morning...hehe i didnt mean to be a hassle :( i wish i knew hot to stop that crap without corking my mouth at nite..hehe

kandess: on ur page? or where? i cant believe i gave u an unused roll to have developed...lol im r smartness..heh

2005-03-07 23:13:56 ET

im glad you guys had a good weekend

2005-03-08 03:37:08 ET

:P stop appologizing for the sleep talking for one it didn't bother me, and for two it's not something you can control. me and melissa had a conversation with eachother when we went to florida before. it was funny her cousin lisa thought we were wide awake and she went over and tried to wake us both up and neither of us would budge hehe.

yes indeed it was a good weekend :)

2005-03-08 11:46:41 ET

twas a great weekend..hehe :D i wouldnt mind having intelligent convos in my sleep, instead i go 'ma'am (or sir) may i help you with anything else today? heheh

2005-03-08 16:20:57 ET

yeah brad...check and see if im missing the colored roll from the falls...cause i think i am

2005-03-08 17:13:58 ET

no you said something else, it wasn't that . didnt' have anything to do with phone calsl either i dont' member what it was though

2005-03-08 17:28:37 ET

well..i said something to you, and then i opened my eyes and you were giving me the 'wtf' eyes and i just said 'you must think i've lost my mind'

2005-03-08 17:38:51 ET

you haven't lost your mind, already told you i do it to. plus you were exhausted so it's understandable dont' worry :)

2005-03-08 17:49:36 ET

i know :P i just felt really bad for waking u up bc u were tired. But as long as you say its ok then im good :D

2005-03-16 04:26:50 ET

Down to KY, hmm that sounds OH ish or maybe Indy ish? Oh and get well soon, all of ya!

2005-03-17 10:59:17 ET

you didn't wake me up, i was up already so :P
and yeah indy it is...loads of fun haha

2005-03-17 12:04:49 ET

you elbowed me once in the ribs, that equals 'you woke me, now close your mouth and go to sleep ya damnwat snoring beast!' or something like that..hehe

2005-03-17 14:58:32 ET


2005-03-20 19:06:54 ET

well if i did i'm sorry ahah i don't remember

2005-03-20 20:00:14 ET

mmhmm...suuuure. eh now, why are you apologizing? im the one who woke YOU up :P

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