LOOK *arrow pointing up to bio*
2005-03-21 19:53:47 ET

Yeah I'm a sap..so sue me

2005-03-21 21:12:36 ET

*giggles* yay i took that picture...

2005-03-22 08:42:51 ET

indeed you did :)

2005-03-22 12:04:37 ET

Tasha- what about you getting me all teary eyed first thing in the morning when i get to my cube. i sit down to check my sk when i have a few mins and you almost get me into tears before i even touch the phones ;) I would be nowhere without your love dear.

Kandess- yeah you did, wiff my camera! Im surprises its lasted as long as it has with you all taking pictures of my butt and face (along with random perverted pieces of wood) one day my camera will get sick of my face and just explode! and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT KANDESS! *pokes* hehe

2005-03-22 12:51:01 ET

love you too bebe cakes

2005-03-22 21:12:40 ET

hehe, i take good pictures hehe

2005-03-23 07:44:36 ET

yeah, with my camera of the awesomness..hehe

Tash- Loooove you too :D

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