So I am going to...
2005-03-22 08:54:34 ET

Join a gym/fitness center thingy when I get back from florida. Mom decided that was the only way she was going to get me to exercise on a regular basis, true sadly enough. If i dont' have motivation I won't do it.

But I got more motivation today, my old friend from high school/middle school Kristen called me. She's been trying to get together with me for a while but i had that trip to kentucky then i got sick and now dads here and then we are leaving friday haha so she jsut called me and asked me to be in her wedding. which thank gawd isn't until december (new years eve) cause i need hair for a wedding and i have none right now..well i have some but it's a terrible hair cut so i'm growing it out til the wedding, prolly will only get a trim inbetween that time.

anyway..this is the dress..only in lavender (which for some weird reason is a dark purple not a light purple so whatever)

2005-03-22 12:09:45 ET

Run in with old friends are always fun :D glad you got invited to a wedding dear, the only wedding i got invited to was to my friend kyles (only bc i helped get him with his gf) two weeks after i got invited they got in a fight and broke it off... just my luck huh?
a new years eve wedding is kind of a cool idea..*scratches chin*
Im still working on my gym membership, i still cant get anyone to go with me and right now i need my money for my truck and other stuff...not to mention two roudns of play soul caliber with ddr pads was more then enough exercise for me...hehe
*kiss* you are the most beautiful woman in this world tasha. I know that no one is perfect, but you are soooooooo close. My world wouldnt be the same without you in it. random 'miss you alot' mood :(

2005-03-22 12:52:16 ET

awww random miss you a lot moods come along sometimes but i always love ya more then i miss ya.

i've only been in 2 weddings so far, this dress is much better than the other two but shhh dont' tell melissa that haha.

2005-03-22 13:18:10 ET

well i love you lots more then i miss you, and i miss you alot so there ya go :D.

hehe i loves that dress, its nice. i get to be in one in july, my cousin Carl asked me to be one of his groomsmen, i was honored. :D

2005-03-22 19:04:32 ET

that's cool :) i really wish i could take back jessicas wedding, not that i didn't want to be in it, but i feel really bad cause (even though you arent' going to agree with me) i didn't look very good and i feel like i sorta dampered her wedding party. but she still talks to me so it couldn't be too bad haha

2005-03-22 19:55:48 ET

well i dont have any clue who miss jessica is and your right, i dont agree with you. Your a wonderful girl, the bestest ever :D you are just such a wonder and you dont even know it :D you look down on urself when you need to be looking at how great you are. You are the BESTEST ever and im sure jessica wedding was great bc you were there :D

2005-03-22 20:00:53 ET

well i don't think it was great because i was there since ti was her wedding hehehe but i know what you are saying. love you much

2005-03-22 20:12:32 ET

well, you need to think how all these weddings you have been going to will pay off one day. Like when we start planning our wedding :D we will def know what all to do :D *nod nod* i have only been to a few weddings and my cousin carls wedding is the first one i have ever been asked to be in tho. im sure once kandess and josh, craig, spanky and james all start getting married that i will be asked to be in a lot more weddings tho :D. So, you stop with the negetive and get with the positive my dear, bc you are the greatest ever!!! EVVVVER! love you too btw :D hehe BIG MUCHES!

2005-03-22 21:17:37 ET

ive never been in a wedding hehe yay, although i have made a cake for one and taken pictures for one. Lol, but once Megan gets married that'll change and i'll be her maid of honor and she's making me wear a pants suit (which will be good) and she says they're cute so yeah, i'll show you once i find a picture or something.

2005-03-23 01:23:49 ET

i was in a wedding once........but i passed out though so
you know

2005-03-23 07:02:05 ET

LOL my god,....i'll never forget that story.

2005-03-23 07:46:38 ET

i cant wait for megans wedding, i just hope she isnt getting her hopes up to high, ya know since he actually hasnt said anything about it yet.
I think i have heard the story before, but i want to hear it again.

2005-03-23 08:52:26 ET

hehe i can always count on entertaining stories from you guys haha

2005-03-23 09:16:53 ET

He passed out and landed on the flower girl during his aunts wedding. it's good stuff

2005-03-23 10:26:02 ET

oh yeah..*chuckles* i remember that..hehe that poor girl.

2005-03-23 17:20:11 ET

very kinda looks fake..haha......

you gonna look soooooo pretty tasha!!

2005-03-23 18:04:13 ET

she is going to look even more beautiful then ever, as if we all thought that could happen :D. Shes gonna be sooooooo beautiful *grins*

2005-03-23 18:37:59 ET

yeah it looks fake cause it's one of those websites where you can click a color and they will show you the dress in that color

2005-03-23 18:41:13 ET

aaaaaaaaaah i see....haha

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