The Past Week...
2005-04-06 19:00:25 ET

So I'm back now, went to florida with Melissa and the girls. That....was interseting. Honestly would have rather stayed home but whatever.

Olivia turned into mega-brat while we were down there, nto that she wasn't already, but melissa figured "hey it's vacation give her whatever she wants". So now I'm just ignoring her when she does something, unless it involves emilee or someone else. She has a really bad habit of pushing emilee out of her way to get to something or someone before her (hence why emilee has a scraped knee right now, olivia pushed her over cause she wasn't walking fast enough)and she threw a fit on the way to the blazer today cause me and emilee were out the door i just walked tot he blazer and got in and didn't say a word to her.

and just a side note....yes...i'm not a mother, but i don't believe that giving your kid something just to shut them up is teh best way to deal with the problem. and yeah maybe i'll do it when im' a mom but i'm going to do my best not to , cause i see what it does to kids...she is a sweet little girl, until she doesn't get something she wants the she turns into a screaming/kicking brat and that's not the kind of kid i want to raise nor is it the kind of kid melissa says she wants, but apparently all that went out the window when she decided to get a divorce.

ok so i'm in a crabby mood right now and i'm sorry if i offend anyone, i just get so frustrated when people say one thing and act another way.

buuuuut anyhoot! i'm back now and i got my ear pierced while in florida, the only thing i did that turned out the way i wanted it to. i got an industrial. hurt (and still does hurt when i am stupid and sleep on it) like a bitch! but i'll live through it. the guy was super nice. and super worried i was going to pass out on his floor haha. he made me lay there for like 15-20 min after he was done cause i turned pale white.

here are the stories he tells me to "keep my mind off the pain" notice the pattern, they get worse as they go on:

"i had this girl in here getting her nose pierced who forgot to tell me she was anemic..she bled all over me and i hadn't even gotten the ring in yet"

next story (which links to why he wouldn't let me leave til my color came back)
"this guy comes in here and gets his lip pierced there where you have it. so he gets up to leave and walks out into the lobby and falls flat on his face passed out. manages to bust the other side of his lip"

"last week i had to pierce the *whisper* genitals of 2 62 year old women. who apparently were lovers wanting to bond more"


ok so yeah that's my last weeks events...well some of them at least most of it was a rant about nothing...sorry bout that.

oh and i think i came back paler from florida, is that possible haha

2005-04-07 11:43:19 ET

she has seemed like she has changed alot since the whole divorce thing started up. *hugs* everything will be ok sweetie, buck up :D Im glad you had a semi good vacation :D vacations are nice. I just wish you could have gotten to relax a lil more.
i have a funny story about a story this piercer guy was telling my friend jared before he got his eyebrow ring..hehe but i have one minute left before i must go shred, so i shall save that for ether a later messenger convo or a later post one or the other.
*hug* love you sweetie

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