The pictures from my phone...
2005-04-06 19:21:41 ET

My Ear:

My Emilee (This is what comes up when my phone rings):

The Beach Sunset:

My Emilee Again ( I think I already posted this one):

The Henna Tattoo I Got On My Wrist:

Emilee and Olivia:

2005-04-07 08:12:28 ET

those are sooo cute....I wanna get my ear pierced like that, but no money, and when i get money im getting my tattoo first. BUT, i think i may have found a piercer i trust, it's a guy i knew from school so it might work out i dunno.

2005-04-07 11:40:59 ET

hehe shes such a lil sweetheart..hehe such a cutie. Im still thinking ideas up for my tat. who did you get from high school?

2005-04-07 20:29:17 ET

he works with Paul from Relentless...his name is Jarred, he was in All-festival from North....

2005-04-08 04:56:25 ET

know im totally late, but what part of big ol' FL were you in

2005-04-08 07:50:15 ET

Jared Harris? that his name? whats his name? last name rather. Paul is talina cuzin right?

2005-04-08 10:13:56 ET

we were in north redington beach by st pete and treasure island *nodnod* we stayed by the Hilton on the beach haha melissa and i spent the whole weekend saying "it's hot" (like the paris hilton "it's hot" not temperature hot)

2005-04-08 11:51:11 ET

to much cuteness

i love beach sunsets its so pretty envy you envy you

i had a henna tatto once but i touched it before it dried
on accident so i had a messed up henna tatto.

2005-04-09 08:27:45 ET

I work with a gay guy....which is fine except now he's manager and on some power trip...but i swear it he says "For real real, no play play...thats Hot" i might shoot him.

What all did you guys do in florida?

2005-04-11 05:11:07 ET

lol bad ass....tho im not too fond of the panhandle really, i like the east coast

2005-04-11 05:40:16 ET

hehe nothing beats the 'speed hump' sign melissa showed me..hehe makes me giggle..hehe

2005-04-11 09:55:01 ET

i like to stay gulf side...less shark inhabitation haha but i dont' venture into the water anyhoot so guess it doesn't matter. and it was way less crazy then it would have been most other places during spring break.

2005-04-11 09:56:37 ET

good point, i still liked panama best of everywhere i have went thus far for break tho..hehe

2005-04-12 04:57:50 ET

oh yea thats right forgot about spring break, so you were better off up there....the spring break crowd was INSANE over here....but my boyfriend said the gulf coast was nice, he said he saw some breakers around tampa, but not many

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