*insert scream of frustration here*
2005-04-14 10:55:56 ET

So my friend's wedding that I mentioned before is going to now be in Jamaica.

Which we are all still invited to be a part of only it'll cost us for the trip. But the cost includes EVERYTHING under the sun so it's kinda a good deal. But...haha lots o' buts...I would need to have $400 as a downpayment on the trip by the end of this month which kinda doesn't work for me. But again....haha her brother needs a roommate (it's a long complicated story about how Jamaica frowns on same sex couples and they don't really like people to stay in the same room if they are same sex..weird...and adam is like my brother so it's not like it's weird) which kristen said would be "at half the price to you" so now i have to email adam and find out what she means. does that mean i only need half of the money for the whole trip or half of the money for the room or what..i'm sooooooo confused.

And yet again another but is...in some month june or july i'm not sure. Dad invited me to go visit my Gran again only this time in IRELAND!!! OMG! *faints* haha. now I know he would pay for most all of it, but I'd want money for spending and stuff while i was over there so I'm sooooo screwed. buuuut if i get my target card half-paid off by then maybe i could jsut use that cause it's a visa and can be used anywhere..

ok i'm just babbling now. some advice..pleeeeeaaassseee...

2005-04-14 11:33:35 ET

well, which one would u rather go on? thats the real question. i would go for the one u wanted to go to the most. that is what i say.
I would say go by who asked you first but that would be confusing...lol bc she asked u first ( i think ) then changed her mind into having it in jamaica then ur dad asked... and thus starts the confusion.

2005-04-14 20:15:10 ET

the whole thing is confusing and i'll probably just end up skipping jamaica and having lunch or dinner with her when she gets back to look at pictures and give her a gift. *nodnod*

2005-04-14 21:05:26 ET

well, like i said its whichever you would rather do. and like we talked about a lil while ago, its always a good idea for the future :D. but im sure she would enjoy lunch when she gets back and im sure she understands about u not being able to come.

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