2005-04-15 20:36:14 ET

I think I have everything working so far *crosses fingers*

my computer is barely 2 months old and was already having issues with it. buuuut so far so good on the fixing.

and on top of all that i have DSL now (unrelated to the problems with computer)

and i'm tired. got up WAY earlier then I needed to today.

and i love someone very much and they love me back so that's my good feeling for the day :) actually it's my good feeling every day but that's a given

much love to all

2005-04-16 06:57:13 ET

DSL is joyous isn't it?

2005-04-16 10:24:46 ET

i'll be getting DSL as soon as bellsouth gets it here....which they say shouldn't be long

2005-04-16 19:03:17 ET

well my computer is busted still so poop on my computer.

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