Concert '05 Champaign Illinois
2005-04-19 21:12:25 ET

This is my dad:

This is my dad & me:

This is me & melissa:

This is melissa & greg:

This is Phantom Planet (we were standing stage left):

This is new guitar guy i don't know,Sting, and Dominic (long brown hair):

2005-04-20 07:55:33 ET

awwww thats a cute pic of you and ur poppa! I like your new hair cut :D looks nice :D flippy is good. glad you had a good time sweetie.

2005-04-20 09:25:09 ET

ohmygosh, your dad is the coolest lookin guy EVER!!!

2005-04-20 16:39:17 ET should hear his accent...

2005-04-20 19:45:42 ET

haha didn't think anyone would say he was "cool" looking..haha funky looking maybe but not um thanks on his behalf haha. he was giving us this long explaination about why he hadn't cut his hair yet, and somehow linked it to our fault since he came to indy and then went straight on tour so he didn't have time..cause i so made him come to indy haha. he was blaming everything on melissa all night though so it's ok. he took some awesome pictures though with that camera he has, it's one of those digital cameras that takes really real looking pictures, cause it's UBER expensive and i want one really bad haha. he was just holding the camera down at his side and explaining how you can just hit the button and it'll take a super good picture, and he took one of melissa and it turned out awesome i gotta remind him to send them to me.

ok i'm done ranting about nothing now haha

2005-04-21 04:55:57 ET

lol I think he's bad ass looking, not funky

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