My Happenings:
2005-04-21 22:58:35 ET

*Made an appointment with the local employment agency for me and Melissa

*Canceled appointment for myself, but not Melissa

*She better go or I'm kicking her ass

*Joined Eddie cause he is my hero

*Joined the Howie Day Rep umm..GO TO THE SITE DAMNIT!

*Bought iron-on letters to make a Howie Day shirt to wear to local concerts (yay for me..i'm actually doing something productive haha)

*Printed out my transcript request form to send to ISU so I can enroll at IUPUI

*Bought 2 new cds Rob Thomas Dual CD so I got a DVD too(was only $9.00) and Policia! A Tribute Album to the Police ...awesome by the way.

*Bought Melissa the "I'm not with stupid anymore" t-shirt, she better pay me back since she has more income then I do at the moment

*Went to bed early...and yet I still manage to wake up wide awake at 2-3 in the morning....what is up with that?

*Exercised 3 days in a row this week..wanted to go tomorrow but can't cause there is no one to watch the girls (melissa is goin to Ladies Night at the Vogue.....why I dont know not like she has any MONEY)

Ok I'm going back to bed's raining really hard here....I like rain..but I dont' like severe weather, freaks me out. Some thunderstorms are nice but these are just plain freaky. I hate tornado weather...*sniffles* make them go away.

Night everyone...again haha

2005-04-22 07:50:17 ET

rain is nice..thunderstorms arnt bad if you have someone to cuddle up to so you dont think about em. tornado weather sucks. hehe nothing beats watching twister last race weekend in your basement when the torando siren went off..hehe

It was raining this morning and my body begged me to stay in bed and just sleep. I was all drained this morning and i dont know why, im looking pretty rough

*much hugs* sorry about the job thing dear, melissa better go or im sure you wont be the online one in line to kick her ass.

2005-04-22 08:00:18 ET

just cause you don't have money doesn't mean you can't go out...i never have money but i can spare the five it cost me to get into joes on fridays.......besides you cant take it with you

2005-04-22 15:08:51 ET

hey if it were her money i wouldnt' say anything well some of it is, but most of it is money she has had to get from her dad. and i know i'm not her so i can't make her decisions and i know i don't understand a lot of it cause "i'm not there" or whatever...but that money she is spending on cigarettes, going out, and cds could be going to mom to help with bills and buying stuff around here. her dad gave her the money so she could help mom out too and it just disappears sometimes and it aggrivates mom. which then in turn aggrivates me cause i hear it and i'm there when she buys the stuff she doesn't need to buy.

and yeah i spend my money in bad places sometimes, but i'm aware of it and i'm trying nto to do it as often cause I need to save and I know i need to save.

and sorry i'm ranting i'm sure i have no idea what i'm talking about

2005-04-22 19:35:09 ET

you just worry about stuff that you don't need to worry about..that's all...take a deep breath.....if your mom wants money from melissa..then your mom should take care of that..not you....

2005-04-23 08:54:02 ET

i'm not taking care of it, and mom talked to her about it.

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