Last night
2005-04-27 06:55:13 ET

I went to Riverdance. It was awesomely coolness. hehe. I still owe Lisa for the ticket so I'm glad she let me go without having the money to pay her but i think she was desperate for someone to go with her, she doesn't know many people who like that kinda stuff. We were 4th row so it was pretty cool, we could see and definitely HEAR everything haha. I think i fell asleep with the sound of them stomping in my head haha.

I'm glad I went though, apparently it's the 10th anniversary or something, but at any rate it was coolness.

That's my update for now...

2005-04-27 08:09:18 ET


2005-04-27 17:51:44 ET

glad you had a good time :)

2005-04-27 19:58:50 ET

it was awesome-o hehe

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