OMG this...I HAVE to share, but it' haha
2005-05-02 20:52:49 ET

ok so that guy my cousin likes, Paul, he has this issue with farting ...ALL THE TIME. haha. and somehow poo always ends up coming up in their conversations..i dunno maybe it's the farting haha. soooo there was always this running joke that she told him he better be careful or he'd shit his pants one day...(foreshadowing) so they are on the phone tonight and before they get off the phone this is how the conversation goes:

Paul: *very loud farting noise*

Melissa: *laughter*

P: Yeah, did you hear that?

M: *laughter* yes...

P: Yeah I think I pushed too hard on that one....I just shit my pants....*laughter*

M: *hysterical laughter* OMG you are kidding me?!

P: Nope, I need to sit like a bucket of water by my friggin washer and dryer with detergent in it for my underwear *laughter*

(ok to me that implies he's already shit his pants before haha)

M: *uncontrollable laughter*

infact she laughed so hard she has a headache now haha.

oh and his wedding to this woman from Bulgaria that was supposed to happen in March of this year is now pushed back again to..dun dun dunnnnnnn September.....haha he's so not marrying her

2005-05-02 21:07:38 ET

im so temped to scream DOORKNOB! I cant wait to meet this guy.

I hope that marraige never happens, i think of bad things when i think of them getting married, like all those calls i get about ppl getting screwed over. But im sure everything will be fine :D


2005-05-03 06:10:14 ET

yeah i tried telling him those stories but he didn't get the connection ...he's a lil sloooowww

2005-05-03 07:53:34 ET

well, maybe i can try when im up..hehe if he and I arnt conversing about aquateen and farting/laughing ourselves into submission...hehe

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