2005-05-05 18:10:51 ET

I turned into the house organizer haha

I typed up:

*House Rules (with punishments)
*House Chores Lists (one for adults one for children)
*Melissa's list of things to do
*My list of things to do
*General house list of things to do

I thougth if maybe we put it on the fridge, and had a list for the kids and told them if they did eveyrthing they were supposed to maybe ont he weekends we would do something special, like go get ice cream or go to the put-put here in town or something. Something has to be done so they can learn that punishments aren't games and to try and help melissa get back on her feet again. She is really spacing out bad, and she told mom that a list of things to do around the hosue would help so she could get things done (ok she's gonna go there) So i am making a list of things to do around the house (the chores list) and a list of stuff she should do as far as talking to day cares and keeping in touch with Manpower, cause seirously...she forgets. I mean I thought I forgot a lot of stuff but..she's really really bad.

We finally put a good majority of their toys in the basement and away cause they had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many out and we put my old tv and her vcr and dvd player in the study too for them to be able to watch without buggin us or messing up mom's taping of the shows. But ...if olivia keeps up what she was doing yesterday i'm taking it away...i know she's 5 and she doesnt' understand what rude is but she's rude and mean to melissa and I'm not going tos it back and let her be that way. I'm not saying much anymore..I backed out cause Melissa has to learn that they are her kids and her responsibility, but if she ignores something major and i'm around or mom is around we are going to say something.

I really just want to help get rid of some of the stress and tension that is hovering around us right now. It makes all of us on edge and I know Emilee can sense it cause she's playing on it haha she's testing us big time but everyone is doing a good job of not giving in so that's a plus, I don't want her to get as far as Olivia has gotten. But I know things will work out and we will all be happy again, especially the kids, taht is what is most important :)

2005-05-05 20:25:47 ET

i hope everything works out :)


Thanks for the card!

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