hi my name is toast and i'm sick...again..
2005-05-12 18:11:47 ET

so yes, it has come to my monthly 'get sick worse then everybody else in the house' trip. blah it sucks.

so i feel like ish , and i was throwing up most of today (from the head cold i caught from emilee, somehow i always get the nausia) and mom just comes in here getting on me about cleaning my room up. um...I WAS SICK ALL DAY! did she miss that part...guess so.

i'm not naucious anymore so that's good or is it nausiated...well whatever i'm not it haha. hopefully i won't be tomorrow either. we are going to dinner for melissa's cousins wedding thingy and unfortunately we are going to grindstone charlie's which..is ok, but to me its' just an over-priced applebee's but whatever haha not my wedding or bachlorette party.

ok i'm going now, enough complaning

2005-05-13 09:28:04 ET

*hugs from far away cause i don't want it*

2005-05-13 20:55:16 ET

hehe yeah far away hugs are the best kind. but i'm getting better, it's moving into the final stage haha "chest" so now i'm starting to cough but that means it's almost gone *nodnod* or at least that's what i'm telling myself

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