A day in the life of me...
2005-05-13 21:32:05 ET

We lost power today around 4:25 actually right at 4:25 pm that's when the clocks stopped haha.

Of course right before then both kids wake up ..ok lemme rephrase that...emilee woke up olivia was told she could get up since goodness forbid the child take a real nap...so we have 2 bored kids on our hands and a mom who is "tired" cause goodness forbid she take our advice and nap when the kids nap.

so the first incident happens when olivia brings down their pjs cause they are changing (early mind you) to go to "pa-pa and ma-mas" house. melissa tells olivia to put something up, olivia attempts to con emilee into doing it, olivai throws a fit cause she doesn't get away with that nor does she get away with lying about putting it away (she actually took the time to walk up the stairs then when she got to the bedroom door she just threw it in..umm...about a foot farther and she'd have had it in the drawer where she found it haha).

so we get that taken care of and melissa decides (mind you without telling me or saying anything at all) that she's taking a nap. so i asked the kids (nicely ..i swear i wasn't being rude or anything) about 4 or 5 times to go play in the study so their mom could sleep. this goes on for a while then olivia ends up in the kitchen and i tell her to get out of the kitchen, new house rule no one in the kitchen (ok no kids) unless we are eating or they are told they can be there by an adult. so she gets mad cause she's *pouty voice* "huuunnngrrryyy" well five minutes before her mom fell asleep she told her no food til dinner cause a) we have no power to cook anything and b) the only thing she watned was cookies..haha nooope no cookies for you!

so she gets mad over that and i finally coax herto come into the living room infront of me, at that time emilee is behind me (standing behind the loveseat, standing between the loveseat and the kitchen) well while arguing backa nd forth with olivia emilee goes back and forth cause i keep telling her to come back to me and she keeps running off when olivai starts whining at me. so she finally comes back around again after being gone...oohh a few seconds maybe. and i see she has something in her mouth (olivia stil whining and crying in the background...mind you her MOM is 2 feet away on the couch and i dont' care how tired you are you can't sleep through her whining) so i jump up an dmake emilee spit out whatever it is, causel ord only knows what she has, and it's ...dun dun dun...blue sidewalk chalk. thoughts going through my head:

a) who knows where the chalk has been or whatit has touched
b) who knows if this chalk is "child safe" and i dont' have time to check cause she's probably already swallowed some

so i grab emilee and run her intot he kitchen to wash out her mouth with water..now she's 2 so i can't just say "go rinse out her mouth" she'll just swallow it all..so i'm panicing over this, and olivia is on the kitchen floor throwing a fit cause i won't feed her cookies. so after i rinse out her mouth pretty good i take her upstairs to brush her teeth cause it's still caked inher teeth..olivia...still on the floor crying.

so that was my drama for the day. well most of it, we had to take them home tonight and of course olivia started in cause she knew she was going home with us so she thought she'd try some stuff on our way out. she ended up conning her pa-pa into giving her an apple. now..ok thought process on that was probalby "hey it's an apple it's healthy" but um..side note...hey it's an apple it's kinda sugary...she talked non-stop the whole way home hhaha but luckily went to bed with lil drama.

ok i'm done ranting...sorry for the rant...

2005-05-13 22:09:25 ET

ok..gonna be a long response..so might as well sit down.

well for one thing, melissa needs to realize that olivia and emilee are HER kids, not yours. She is the one that had sex and conceieved them thus her responisbility not yours. I think that is what bothers me the most about the whole situation, is that melissa puts em in your care when they are HER kids! There are girls at work that are like 18 and have like 1 yr old children who are more responsible with their kids then melissa is with her two kids.
I know she has been through alot, but she needs to see what she is putting you and your mom through with the way she acts. Those kids are like your main source of stress. lemme rephrase that, olivia is your main cause of stress, but your being more of a mom to them and taking more responsibility then it seems melissa takes under normal circumstances. I like melissa, dont get me wrong, its just that people that dont show responsibility just urk me beyond the point of staying sain (might be spelled wrong, who knows).
now, onto the nap thing. I like naps...everyone likes naps..but when someone else has allowed you to live in their house while you get on ur feet again, u dont just drop and take a nap without taking care of kids first. put them down for a nap, make sure they are down, and if there is someone else around say nicely 'if they get up before i do wake me up ok?' bc it is the other persons responsibility to take care of your kids bc you just up and decide you want a nap.
I just dont think melissa is thinking straight ya know? i dont mean to sound like an ass, but it just totally makes me sick the way she lets those kids stress you all out, when its her kids. you and your mom take better care of em then she does.
grrrrrrrr is all that have to say....grrrrrr.

2005-05-14 07:31:58 ET

I can feel your pain... lol We have the same rule in our house, no kids in the kitchen unless escorted by an adult. It's amazing how kids can try and con you into getting stuff for them for fear of the fit. I didn't really think that's how a child mind worked, but after watching it for a bit, I was corrected and brought to reality. Kids are smarter than most people give them credit for. Which is a scary concept... The two munchkins that I look after a bit, while mommy is at work, have outsmarted me quite a few times, mostly because I didn't know their intent up until the last moment in which case the joke was on me... Although kids can be stressful, they can also be a lot of fun, if they're not killing each other, killing you, or just throwing random fits.

2005-05-14 09:07:20 ET

Brad...i agree

dudditz....you are right...some ppl just don't give kids enough credit...they know what the hell they are doing..

and honestly, when taking care of kids..you have to learn to find something for them to do....get down in the floor and make something, play something...be a kid....they like to be busy...supervised-busy can be super fun....sometimes you just have to get off your butt and play with them..get down to their level..plain and simple...i majored in Careers W/ Children in high school...so i learned alot about all that shitz

2005-05-14 09:53:40 ET

i love those kids to death, both of them. and it's getting to the point where since mom and i try and give them rules and stuff and get on them (well used to, i'm backing off now casue of this) about stuff the family (melissa's family) is treating us differently, well at least her brother sister and dad are. Aunt Ellie is stil the same, and she surprised me last night, olivia started doing her "covering my ears not listening to you" stuff and ellie yelled at her for it i about fell off the couch haha.

we have a lot of fun with them when olivia is getting to do what she wants to do, or when she doesn't care (which isn't often). i kept throwing stuff out at them like "hey why dont' you get some paper and color, or play with your toys that you have up here" all i got in return was "no that's no fun" cause i had her throw away this thing she was playing teacher with cause she broke it. and emilee...haha that kid is on her own planet, when sissy wasn't telling her to do stuff (which is hwat olivia considers 'playing' with her sister) then she was dancing and singing to the music in her head.

they are so different. olivia is the quiet (sometimes) more serious one and emilee is the goof ball. she doesn't do it for attention she does it cause..well cause she's a goofball haha.

i just want them to be happy again well ok i want olivia to be happy again, and melissa too...but you can't help people who put up a wall and figure thye know whats best no matter what. just cause i don't have MD after my name doesn't mean I don't know what's going on.

2005-05-14 19:12:54 ET

oh poor poor you...

BUT....on a lighter note...Pammy cut her hair so she looks like Joe Dirt. I'd take a picture but yeah. Maybe, after I get a better car, we'll drive up to see you, and offer you dinner somenight. I have a good job, makin 8 an hour, and Josh got a job making...umm...I dunno, but nonetheless, I need a trip away and after having a little 'spat' with my cousin, I'm not so sure I'm heading to Florida this summer, so maybe i'll come see you.

2005-05-14 22:13:23 ET

i'll be here until end of july and middle of august, then i'll be back. going to ireland this summer with dad. mom is oh so happy bout that one...*shakes head*

2005-05-16 04:07:34 ET

aww but you'll have fun =) so I...am happy for you

2005-05-16 05:35:23 ET

sooooooooooooooooooooo....the kid ate chalk??? ewwww!!!! I remember eating sidewalk chalk once, it wasn't a pleasant experience, I ended up eating a whole stick of it, then washing it down with bubbles because I couldn't find anything, and I was a tiny me, so that's what worked :D

2005-05-16 05:48:06 ET

yeah she ate handfuls of sand when we were in florida, she'll pretty much try anything haha

2005-05-16 09:50:20 ET

lmao, that's awesome

2005-05-16 09:59:30 ET

shes such a nutcase...lol and a cute one at that.

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