Nervous breakdown (no reason to read my ranting if you don't watch CSI haha)
2005-05-16 19:37:18 ET

Ok so CSI has me set up for a SERIOUS tear jerker on Thursday and I just saw the full preview for it last night, and it's no where near as emotional on the web (reading about it) as it is when you see it. Seriously 30 second preview and i'm already starting to cry...what the freak is up with that?! and then i find out that it MAY end up being a cliffhanger and you may not find out til next season what happens NO FREAKING WAY!!! I will write to whoever I have to write to every day if I have to way am I waiting for next season to see what happens.

and yes i'm well aware it's JUST a tv show but after 5 years of loyal watching you kinda get emotionally attached to some of the characters, now i can think of one who i wouldnt' care if she left the show but Nick (george eads) is really freaking good...*sniffles* and i'll miss him! hehe.

lemme give you an example: *granted this only means something to people who watch the show and know what i'm talking about haha*

Grissom: "He's got about an hour and fifteen minutes in there."

[Catherine tries to console a desperate Warrick.]
[Back at the crime scene, Catherine finds something important. She looks
[Grissom and his team run down a road.]
[Inside the coffin, Nick closes his eyes and fires his gun.]
[In the lab, Warrick jumps back as he does so.]

Warrick: "No!"

[Shot of an explosion.]
[Debris flies out a trailer as the detonation occurs.]
[Beaten down physically and emotionally, Grissom lays back on the ground,
eyes closed.]

[Inside the coffin, Nick screams.]
[Close-up of Grissom as he watches.]

Grissom: "My God, he's being eaten alive."....


ok and i just watched the 3 min of extended footage they have from the promo of the finale.....dear lord that's too much haha i'm going to need some kind of nerve medicine while i watch this thing geesh...ok i'm done ranting now..

2005-05-16 19:41:57 ET

I won't be able to watch that one. :(

2005-05-16 19:51:29 ET

told you it would piss you off.

2005-05-16 19:51:37 ET

i know this has no bearing on what you wrote, but actually

humans taste like pork.

2005-05-16 19:53:43 ET

haha the humans taste of chicken is from a comedy thing by Eddie Izzard *nodnod*

2005-05-17 03:36:38 ET your layout

2005-05-17 05:11:56 ET

i saw the previews and was on the way to tears's sad, and I will freak if it's a cliffhanger, that'd be just wrong.

Who wouldn't you care if they left???
I like them all ^_^

2005-05-17 06:12:09 ET

Catherine, she's turned into a royal biotch since she got "manager" status.

and thanks kandgoods ^_^

2005-05-17 09:57:28 ET

lol that's true

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