GO LOOK hehe
2005-05-17 21:24:30 ET

I have 7 items listed on ebay haha you should buy one *nodnod* indeed you should...

ask me if you want to see them on the ebay site i'll give you a link...haha riiiight like anyone wants my crap...


*Tripp Brand Black Pinstripe Pants New (never worn) Size 13
*KikGirl Floor Length (on me haha) Black skirt with red stitching size medium, broken zipper, but never worn (yeah i don't get it either)
*MacGirl Floor Length Black Skirt with d-rings and stuff on it. size XL (36 in waist...that is SO not an XL)
* Siemens CF62T phone with charger and manuals (t-mobile compatible)
*Sega GameGear Package- 10 games, carrying case, 6 New AA batteries, battery packs and charger for battery packs
*Xbox games bundle (get more money if you sell more then one haha)- The elderscrolls III- Morrowind and Bloodrayne 2
*Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Onyx Black with carrying case, charger, extended grip thingy, & 3 games.

i'm broke need money bad, can you tell? i'm going to sell my PS2 and PS1 and some games with those as well. along with a bunch of other crap...man i'm broke haha

2005-05-18 05:07:32 ET

how much for the sp, my little brothers birthday is next month :P

2005-05-18 05:35:14 ET

The item number is 8193340192. I have it listed right now at $45. but there are still 6 days left (not that anyone will buy it haha) but if you wanna keep an eye on it you're welcome to go look and stuff. ^_^ if it doesn't sell this time i'll prolly list it again for cheaper

2005-05-18 05:36:28 ET

sweet...I'll have to see if he has one, and if not...yeah I'll prlly buy it

2005-05-18 05:42:52 ET

kew kew ^_^

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