2005-05-30 18:20:54 ET

Today was Brad's last day here from his visit :) he came up so we could spend our 1 year anniversary together. I had a good time, hope he did too ^_^

Today we went to see Star Wars Episode 3 with Melissa an dher friend Greg. He'd seen it already but i haven't seen any of the old ones all the way through and none of the new ones interested me til this one. And before you get on me about how i don't know the story so i wouldn't get it...I was up to date on everything and I know the story so I enjoyed it very much.

We went ot dinner with my dad then afterwards, it took us a while to get the time situated but it was a good dinner and all went well.

ok i'm going to go to bed now.

much love all


2005-05-31 08:49:06 ET

no i didnt have a good time...I had a great time. Why would i not have had a great time? I love spending time around you and I LOVE YOU :D.

2005-05-31 10:47:14 ET

aww precious

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