Signs of the Apocolypse
2005-06-01 19:47:22 ET

* Joey McIntyre is on TV again

* Evander Holyfield is ....DANCING (on the same show as Joey, I think that's a double sign)

* Sylvester Stallone is going to star in the next Rambo movie...Yes..a Rambo 4!!! The man can't even speak anymore.

* Martha Stewart is going to host her own version of the Apprentice in the Fall

* In a year we will be graced with...Indiana Jones 6

* Paris Hilton is Engaged

* Britney Spears is prego

* Lindsey Lohan nearly died paparazzi style like Diana *sniffles* (i'm serious about the sniffling, Diana was a tragedy)

....need i go on..this world is going to turn to ashes...

2005-06-01 19:51:59 ET

I swear, Martha Stuart goes to jail and she comes out more famous thens when she came in.

rambo 4.....yeah...funny.

indiana jones 6....can Harrison Ford even Romance the ladies anymore for a Indianna Jones movie?!

Paris hilton....poor guy

Brittany...poor brittany, but oh well.

Lindsey Lohan, not cool....Diana....def not cool.

2005-06-02 06:25:25 ET

something wrong with this world

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