2005-06-03 11:26:42 ET

We were in Target and Olivia was talking about wanting to be a mommy when she grows up and then she asked if she could be a teacher and a mommy reply:

"You can be anything you want, as long as it's not a prostitute"

just at that moment a guy who worked at target walked by...yeah he heard me haha melissa said he was trying so hard not to bust out laughing, i didnt' see him but i bet he thought i was nutz.

2005-06-03 11:36:24 ET

hehe well emilee has a promisiing career as a Stripper..hehe that girl just doesnt like keeping her clothes one..hehe

"I pulled my shirt over my head"

2005-06-03 11:51:42 ET


2005-06-03 15:34:18 ET

Haha that's awesome.

2005-06-03 18:40:28 ET

oh emilee came to the top of the stairs tonight and goes

"Oma nakie" and did a lil dance hahaha

2005-06-03 18:54:29 ET

hehehe omg shes so freaking cute.

2005-06-05 17:02:48 ET

lol now that's cute

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