So I was thinking....
2005-06-03 18:46:44 ET

Instead of getting a new tattoo in a new place...I was thinking I may try and get mine covered. Prolly still with a fairy them just something more detailed and prettier, i mean mine is cute and i love it don't get me wrong but i think if i cover it maybe it'll look nicer you know? instead of just a chick on my back haha.

thought about maybe having an Amy Brown or Brian Froud fairy sitting on a thistle bush or something. that way i get my scottish tattoo i wanted but also make it easier to add in other things like clovers for ireland and somehow add in something Bavarian..haha.

ok if anyone has any ideas pllleeeasssee feel free to let me know :)

oh and as soon as i find a picture of my tattoo i'll post it in this message to help with those of you who dont' know what i'm talking about.

also if you are an artist and feel like designing one for me...that would be sooo killer. the big thing about the tattoo i have now is that it's someone's artwork and not likely to be on anyone else i like that idea of it.

2005-06-03 20:11:06 ET

ooo-la-la I like your idea about the Amy Brown. Her art is amaaaazing. ;)

2005-06-03 20:15:28 ET

yeah i just got a book of her art for my anniversary hehe i got to pick my own presents ^_^

i was looking through it but everything seems like it may not work cause there isn't enough detail to cover my current one, but maybe i could do more of an addon to my current one or something who knows...need money first haha

2005-06-03 20:33:54 ET

haha i'm sure whatever you decide will look good
theres a website to its [i think]
but it probaby has everything your book has
and you probaby already know about the website lol
welp n e ways im sleepy so im goin to bed
night :)

2005-06-04 03:14:58 ET

thanks much, i used to have that bookmarked but i've had to wipe my computer so many times i lost it haha so thanks muches ^_^

2005-06-04 05:36:55 ET

welcome :D

2005-06-04 13:06:30 ET

honestly...i don't think you should cover it...cause it has a story, it represents alot, it is a kick ass tat and it suits you very well....if anything you should have it touched up...but not covered...

but that is just what i think

2005-06-05 17:06:20 ET

i like it, it'd be cute added to it. Like with the leaves and whatnot. *shrugs* i also like what you're saying too cause well it all sounds good.

2005-06-06 14:22:35 ET

I'm in the process of giving my mom 'the face' so i can get a tattoo

2005-06-06 18:24:31 ET

when i turned 19 i told my mom i was going to get one. it took a lil convincing but she gave in pretty easily. more easily then i thought. of course she flipped when she saw it cause the guy made it bigger then the picture i showed her haha. it's exactly 6 inches right down the middle of my back so she kinda had a lil attack but she got over it.

2005-06-20 12:57:44 ET

if I was 19 right now I'd tell my mom screw you im of age to get one, but im still a 17 year old shit, so maybe I'll change my mind and still ask permission when Im 19 lol

2005-06-21 19:20:01 ET

i dont' know what made me ask for permission haha must have had some testicular fortitude slipped into my drink haha

2005-06-30 12:33:22 ET

lmao YEAAAAH that's awesome

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