I live...
2005-06-15 12:42:19 ET

I'm currently at the Plainfield Public Library...my internet is out..and it sucks haha.

I sat at home bored this week til today cause I had no car til today.

In the process of trying to register for classes this fall.

Also looking for a new ISP. I should still have dial-up through SBC but damn is that ish slow. it just sucks cause of our location nothing works. But i'm going to go talk to the people at staples see if they can help me since they are located here in plainfield.

ummm...ok that's all haha. i have nothing else to update..
oh other than .

i'm walking along to my car downtown on campus and all the sudden this car passes me and it's hubcap falls off...and nearly takes my leg with it ...damn those things move quick haha.

ok that's all

bye bye

2005-06-15 14:44:45 ET

i almost slammed into a car that pulled out in front of me today, about 30 minutes after we had texted

2005-06-16 08:07:13 ET

a hubcap dude that would have scared the shnit out of me

2005-06-17 09:40:00 ET

yeah it had lil thingies on it that hold it into place on the tire (obviously they were broke haha) and it looked really sharp probably would have taken part of my leg with it

2005-06-18 19:36:58 ET

you know if it would have it sombody it would of looked like
a scene from mortal kombat or somthing i wish i could have seen it
from a distance of course

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