I'm smart...
2005-06-19 02:48:38 ET

I figured out what was wrong with my dial-up connection without calling the people...*dances*

Bad thing is I think the reason my dial-up was screwy is the same reason my DSL was screwy and now it's cancelled and I dont' know if it needed to be. So Monday I am calling them , or today...guess it's a 24 hour number so maybe i'll call today, to find out if maybe they can see if that was the problem with my DSL and hook me back up for it cause um...dial-up ....BLOWS.

Haha..i mean it's better then nothing dont' get me wrong, but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOWWWWWWWWW...i miss my fast one.

But at any rate now my internet is back so yay for that one *dances around*

Ok i'm going back to bed now....

2005-06-20 13:00:48 ET

I called dsl and told them i want it, I just hope they come when my mom isn't here because she will throw a bitch fit

2005-06-20 15:14:46 ET

Question: Did you take that photo of Brad in your bio? Because that is excellent. Cumberland Falls?

2005-06-21 19:23:05 ET

nope that's a kandess photo :) i'm not that good hehe, well ok i dont' have that good of a camera mine are all crappy. and yes cumberland falls :) it's in my scrapbook he made me

2005-06-21 19:24:19 ET

persephone: i found out i MAY get my DSL back now *dances around* they are going to try on the 28th well ok I'm going to try on that date since that's when they are giving it back to me. the guy that just came to fix our phone cord (from the same company we get the DSL from) said that the problem in the phone line was probably what caused the interference and that he oculdnt' find any reason why i would be too far from the reciever since there is one in my housing edition. so yay for me haha

2005-06-22 06:50:57 ET

That is an excellent photo, I'm gonna go congragulate her. :)

2005-06-22 17:18:10 ET

all of them are great *nodnod*

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