*dances around*
2005-06-21 19:29:50 ET

I got a job ^_^

it's part time and only until I go to Ireland in a few weeks, but I'll rack up at least $2000 and I'll be on payroll at the place incase she needs me to come back after I start school and help out.

it's at the place my mom used to work. i'm just doing odds and ends but she got me $10.50 an hour. and i'll be working at least 37.5 hours a week, nto to mention if they give me overtime which would probably happen cause well..umm i was there til 7:30 tonight training haha. poor Cindy (moms friend and old boss) she has no time during the day to train me on the stuff she wants me to do cause it's such a busy office. i wish i could stay and help her more since she worked so hard to get me on there haha. she didnt' tell her boss that i'm leaving in july cause she knew if she did that she'd never let me start working. but whatever Cindy needs the help and i had more experience then hiring someone who's never helped in the office before, i just didn't get paid for it til now :)

umm...other then that not much new...going to get to bed now cause i have to get up at 6:25 am now luckily though I shouldnt' be there as late tomorrow cause it's not as busy a day.

oook that's all

much love :)

2005-06-21 20:16:10 ET

Congratz on your job and have a safe trip to Ireland. ;)

2005-06-22 08:10:33 ET

glad you found s job hope you enjoy it

2005-06-22 08:27:24 ET

oooh yay on the job thingie. =)

2005-06-22 17:20:51 ET

thanks thanks and thanks again ^_^

2005-06-30 12:38:56 ET

ooo bad ass you're going to Ireland! I've never been out of the country, I'd like to though, not sure where I'd go, but I'd like to go somewhere

And congrats on the job

2005-07-04 17:21:42 ET

i've been to Germany, Scotland, and Great Britain of course since Scotland is "technically" part of that, but I still consider them seperate cause well I can hehe.

2005-07-07 12:51:28 ET

it's all good...I've been to like all the states, but never out of state, well I went to Canada for like a week once, but (im sorry if i offend anyone saying this it's not my intentions) it just reminded me of the states, so I don't really concider that leaving the country too much

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