Where I have been...
2005-07-04 17:28:35 ET

Well my DSL went out a while back, but now I have it again *dances around* i'm sooo happy so everyone say a lil prayer or whatever that it doesn't go away again.

and then we had an emergency trip to Kansas City,MO this past weekend. Another one of my mom's cousins (well he's my cousin too but he's my moms first cousin however that numbering cousins thing works) died. He had throat cancer, it was in I think stage 3 when they found it so the Chemo made it really bad and I think he ended up dying from complications due to the fact that the chemo or however yous pell that made him get blisters in his throat so he couldnt' talk or eat or swallow or anything. Plus his white blood count was super low so his immune system shut down basically.

He is the third of my Great-Uncles kids to die, he was the oldest. In 2000 Tony died from an "accidental" shooting (they said he was cleaning his gun but tony knew how to clean a gun so we think ti was suicide) and then Lori Beth died 2 years after that from a heart attack. She was the baby in the family. So my great-uncle and the rest of that family isn't doing all that great. Mom was really close to this son though, Rick was his name. well is his name still even though he's not around anymore. Her and my grandma were the only ones who got away with calling him Richy Paul so that's what we still call him. I went to the funeral out of respect for my mom, I hate funerals they make me uncomfortable and I'd rather not be there at all, but I knew if I didnt' go mom would get crap about how I'm so anti-social and how rude and blah blah blah so I went. It was so sad..but he's better off now for sure. There are 3 kids left on that side, well of Uncle Richards kids that is. Herman still has all his kids I think. They are my Grandpas' brothers. I have way too many people in my family.

OK i'm rambling on. I got my DSL back so I should be around more often again, well sorta, depending on how much I have to work an dstuff.

I leave the 16th, so in 2 weeks I'll be gone and probably wont be on here for a month. I dont' know if I will have internet access over there or not. I know dad will have his lap top but I don't have one that works anymore.

Oh well I'm going to bed now, or at least will be soon.

Much love

2005-07-04 18:03:17 ET

Sorry to hear about your relative sweetie *hugs*

and your DSL being back is well welcomed, miss hearing from you on Sk, its like you kinda dissapeared.

So welcome back deary

2005-07-04 20:06:15 ET


2005-07-05 03:42:04 ET

sorry to hear about the family...hope all feel better soon. and...hope you have fun on your trips.

2005-07-05 20:52:40 ET

yes, and if you have any problems with immigration officers tell them you have backup.

2005-07-05 20:54:26 ET

lol I think she did have some trouble on one trip, me thinks. Im sure she will correct me at some point in this post tho.

2005-07-05 20:55:04 ET

lol i still laugh...aromored fuckhead, i'm so good.

2005-07-05 20:56:49 ET

it was a good description on that one pic tho. Now i have to draw a picture of armored fuckhead.
Ims till working on stuff for my site..lol

2005-07-06 03:27:19 ET

I didn't have trouble, but when we went to germany instead of trying to pack my Doc's I wore them (mind you they are upt o my knees) and they made me take them off. And got pissy with me when I asked for a chair cause it was going to take me a while haha..

They don't have a zipper asshole, they are laced!!

2005-07-06 05:40:49 ET

effin io's.

2005-07-07 12:54:51 ET

I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable at funerals, and it just creeps me out, and they think Im usually being anti social too, but it really just messes with me going to them
sorry your family member died, that's really rough Im sure :(

but yay for dsl

2005-07-07 18:22:37 ET

dsl is da bomb

2005-07-07 18:23:19 ET

cable is better =D

2005-07-07 18:27:07 ET

can't get it, i'm lucky to get dsl..plus my dsl is only $14.95/month

2005-07-07 18:31:59 ET

=( i'm envious, my cable is 60 a month which is nazisism.

2005-07-07 20:44:09 ET

I wish i could get dsl for 15 a month, it would be cheaper then what im paying now.

2005-07-08 06:45:05 ET

funny how shit falls out like that.

2005-07-08 18:38:29 ET

well yahoo dsl is running a specialr ight now, i just got that price cause i resigned up during the special

2005-07-12 11:11:15 ET

sorry about your family and how this post is probly late but better late then never i know what you mean about funerals
i cant take em and hospitals are worse

2005-07-12 12:04:55 ET

hospitals suck especially when you are in them

2005-07-19 19:23:48 ET

somone who understand the evils of the hospitals they give me sick ucky feelins specially when im in them

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