Sooooo I'm going to Ireland...
2005-07-12 14:13:55 ET

and i want you to give me your addy if you want a postcard hehe..granted you'll probably get it after I get back but still it's the thought that counts hehe.

and even if you think i have it *cough* viola *cough* still give it to me so i know i have the right one. and you can pm them if you want cause i know it's all private and that good stuff.

oh and if you and i ain't supa close and i don't know your "real" name please let me know how to address it mmmmkay? hehe

umm ok so i leave saturday ...THIS saturday better get them to me quick!! hehe

<3much love<3

2005-07-12 19:57:31 ET

James Lawson 401 anders rd london ky 40744 usa.....tankies miss tasha. i'm going to bed now.

2005-07-12 21:59:30 ET

1994 bouton bend #16, cookeville, tn, 38501
i love you so much and i miss you bunches

2005-07-13 02:43:39 ET

see i had the wrong one for you miss fffiiilola hehe. now i have the right one...

*adds to little pink book*

2005-07-13 03:08:20 ET

i got a thuuurrrprize for you miss fiiilola hehe *giggles* and you dont' know what it is..*dances around the room* neener neener neeeeeener

2005-07-13 03:48:27 ET

Someone i know had a puppy named neener....yup

Me and Josh *heh*
366 Raymond Ridge Rd
Corbin, KY 40701

*dances too...and throws glitter for old times sake*

2005-07-13 07:03:34 ET sticky...and that shit'll get ya caught.

2005-07-13 07:26:44 ET


2005-07-13 08:54:17 ET

*giggles* Paul (melissa's friend) got glitter ALLLL over himself the night we went to Talbott and he talked back to the drag queen and he/she kissed him hahah it was SOOOOOO funny..i tried to warn him...dumbass

2005-07-13 09:45:07 ET

like...making out. or peck on the cheek.

2005-07-13 09:51:50 ET

*drops mouth open* why do you do that to me!!

*dances around* tasha has a surprise for me!!! yay for me!

2005-07-13 18:15:16 ET

like a not making out but peck on the lips haha. but i tried to warn him..he just don't listen.

and hehe yeah i like teasin'll prolly have to wait til i get bakc cause i've had no time to get it boxed up and ready to ship

2005-07-13 19:57:40 ET

that's still sick.

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