2005-07-15 17:27:51 ET

tomorrow...i love ya..tomorrow...hehe <3 annie

anyhoot my flight leaves at 2:52 tomorrow afternoon. from cinci so i have to drive there, well mom is driving, but we are leaving here by no later then 10:00 am cause they are an hour ahead and i gotta be there early and all that jazz

so everyone say good thoughts for me and prayers and all that good stuff ^_^

miss me!!!

much love!!

2005-07-15 20:43:50 ET

missing you already sweetheart *big kiss* but loving you much much more :D

2005-07-17 17:22:46 ET

awwwwww *pukes* lol

2005-07-18 04:20:41 ET

hope fun is being had.

2005-07-18 22:22:34 ET


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