2005-07-19 02:51:22 ET

i'm still in scotland, made it ok.

we are sitting in an internet cafe checking emails and such. so i can't type much.

having fun...going to ireland wednesday, tomorrow...coming back here early and then going to the Tattoo (the royal pipes and drums thing not a tattoo) and then going to some old towne type deal where they live like they used to live hundreds years ago.

ok...going now..

much love

especialy extra love to brraaddd hehe <3 love you sweets <3

2005-07-19 05:10:16 ET

Going to the Tattoo? I frickin hate you. I haven't been to one since 1994.

2005-07-19 20:00:43 ET

sounds really nice over there glad your having a good time

2005-07-22 04:57:15 ET

i hope we make it to the tattoo, i know i wont be in ireland that long, i am traveling with my Gran and i dont thinkn she will go south being protestant. anyhoot gotta go. dad just got a whiskey certificate gonna go see.

2005-07-24 17:50:52 ET

Love you too beautiful, muches and muches and muches :D Glad that your having a good time *big kiss*

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