today and tomorrow and so on
2005-07-26 04:25:41 ET

still in northern ireland. not much left up here to see but its nice. going to go bck next week to scotland and then getting to see a football (soccor) match andpossibly a rugby match a less likely the Tattoo. james is supposed to be getting us tickets but its doubtful.

anyway thats my update

2005-07-26 04:47:05 ET

hehe wasnt that in a soccer movie? where some coach was like 'TACKLE HIM!' so this chick decks this guy on the field and gets in trouble during a game of soccer (american) then the coach goes 'well thats now what tackle means in the soccer that i have seen'. THE BIG GREEN! THATS IT!!! HAHAHA LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!

2005-07-26 05:42:23 ET

you're a very disturbed child brad.

2005-07-26 05:42:57 ET

I think i rememberr that movie...*goes to look it up*

2005-07-26 06:05:47 ET

ho ho giant.

2005-07-26 06:35:44 ET

how am i a disturbed child?

2005-07-26 07:25:55 ET

thats awesome

2005-07-26 09:44:43 ET

the big green....thought you didn't like sports?

2005-07-26 10:26:04 ET

it's a disney movie...

2005-07-26 14:14:14 ET


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