And I'm back...(this is a long post)
2005-08-15 04:39:20 ET

So yesterday I flew back from Scotland.

Didn't get to see the Tattoo, didn't get to see a football (or is it futball..well anyway) game, and didn't get to see a rugby game. well I didn't see any of those last two live but I saw them on TV which is close haha. Not really.

There is a new movie coming out called Green Road, or something like that and it looks friggin awesome, problem is I saw the preview over there, and my mom and cousin haven't heard of it yet which means it's being released there first (which makes sense once you kno wwhat the movie is about), so lord only knows when I'll get to see it, but I'll definitely be there at the theater if I have time off to go see it.

I have NO idea why i'm up right now, oh yeah, my dog wanted to go out side and eat but she's so old that since she decided to eat first, she pee'd on the carpet *sniffles* she is getting so old, i'm starting to worry. so I had to run the carpet cleaner, but I'll be back in bed in a few minutes, I was up nearly 24 hours yesterday.

Thanks to Continental Airlines, I missed my connection flight, even though they took my bags after customs and told me they would put them on the flight and that I had plenty of time to get to the plane (it was 1:20 and the plane took off at 1:50). So they took my bags, all but my carry-on. I ran past my dad, who ran after me to give me a quick hug haha, then down a hallway, up the escalator, and waiting for the big mess o' people at security.....time wasting....get through security, run down to the FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR other end of the building, by this time I look like i've just taken a shower. Goodness forbid Newark airport turn their friggin air on. Anyway, get down there and the door is I ask the guy (whom i'm pretty sure had JUST closed the door when I was running up) and he says "you just missed it" ...WTF!!! so I told him they had my luggage and he goes "yeah they'll get it sorted, go to customer service" (ok it wasn't exactly like that but I can't type in whatever weird accent he had so it was those words only VERY broken english). So I get down there and I'm standing in another line of people...Not to mention that I had to shove my purse in my backpack because I had "3" carry-on with the bag I was toting around, which wasn't a problem on the other i was running around to get to all thse places, that bag i was carrying which had VERY breakable stuff in it, decided that I didn't need the handles anymore so the bag pretty much ripped to shreds from right where the package I had started up, so I had nothing to hold on to haha. Anyway I finally get up there, and this guy tells me they can't guarentee a flight to Cincinatti (evne though my mom is already on her way there mind you, well I had told her i missed my flight while i was waiting for my bags, cause I knew I was going to) that night, the one after the one i was on had already been cancelled and I didn't find out til later that night that there was another one that flew at 8:45 that evening (which I woldn't have wanted to wait for that anyway). So he tells me all the different places they can fly me (which Indianan was not one of them) so I tell him my mom is coming from Indy to pick me up in Ohio, which airport in Ohio would be closer to Indy...(INDY...not Newark...I specifically said INDY). Well he tells me Columbus, now I don't go to Ohio alot so I had no clue...but Columbus is in the middle of the state..the closest one to Indy, not counting Cincinatti, is Dayton...which we drove past on the way home haha. But anyway I get the flight to Columbus, get there and talk to the lady about finding out where my luggage is....GO FIGURE she has NOOOOOOOO clue. But she made an inquiry about it, and she said that since tey were originally tagged to Cincinatti that's probably where they will end she put a note to have them sent to Indy..and delivered..hopefully not that it's a big deal the airport is about 10 min away from me if that...but still it's their friggin fault anyway, they better find my clothes, cause at the moment, the only thing I have is pants that don't fit me (either too big (one pair of those) or too small) and the pants I wore yesterday which are dirty, and shirts that don't fit me (too small) cause I took most of my clothes that I wear often to I'm screwed. All my gifts but the one for my Aunt and the one for a friend of mine (both the major breakable ones) are somewhere between here and Ohio as I can't give anyone anything. and I'm friggin tired haha.

The girls were happy tos ee me though...when we finally got to melissa's moms house they were pretty much half asleep, but olivia came out first and she sat with me for a while but then she wanted to show me what she got at the store that day so soon as she got up Emilee climbed onto my lap haha. Then on the way home they both lost it in the backseat, they were singing and hopping was hularious, I haven't seen them act that way in a LONG time...which is good too know cause they ahve been having worse fits and mood swings since now they get to see dad whenever dad wants to see them *grumbles* but Melissa made olivia an appointment with a child psychologist lady, so that will help her I'm sure.

Anyway, I'll update more later...and post pictures once I get the cord to hook the camera to the computer (somewhere between here and ohio still haha).

Much love all...

2005-08-15 04:44:12 ET

Did you mean Green Street Hooligans? If so that movie looks awesome.

2005-08-15 04:49:40 ET

now an update

2005-08-15 04:55:56 ET

Yeah it's Green Street Hooligans in American, it was just Green Street in the UK. Sadly I just tried to find a release date for the US and the most i can get is 2005

2005-08-15 10:19:36 ET

oooo welcome baccckkk!!!!

and I'm sorry if it offends you, and i don't mean to....but the thing about your dog was really frickin random, and when I read it, i laughed, sadly enough

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