2005-08-15 17:20:12 ET

Got 2 out of 3...buggers!

I am missing the one with the cords in it to get pictures...well my pictures, i have my dads that I am trying to upload now and get a few on here, or in an album I can link to.

So when that's done i'll get some on here or something.

I'm ready to go back, is that sad? haha. I was ready to come home til the kids were raving mad! They listen worse now then when I left but I think that has a lot to do with the dad situation. to bed now.


2005-08-15 20:31:34 ET

do we have like the worst luck with luggage or what? At least now im not the only one who has lost some luggage and had it come back later Think positive.. at least you got em back relativly quick.. took me a few days to get mine when it happened to me. :D

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