2005-09-30 23:31:20 ET

we went out to "celebrate" my cousins recent (this past wednesday) divorce.

we went to our normal spot which is Talbott Street. And we show up and guess whos' there? Boy George

haha no friggin way! so the cover was $20 which i wouldnt' have paid but my cousin got freet ickets just from standing outside while i found a place to park so since ther were five of us and she only got 3 tickets and i only took out $20 for the night, she paid my way in. like she has the friggin money but wahtever.

he didn't endu p showing up until just before we left. and he was just there to dj but i can now cross him off my list of people to see live before i die..not that he was even on there in the first place, i mean he's ok but i definitely like is djing more then his old music stuff. anyhoot...he's off the list now :) and it was fun til melissa got sick and we had to go home cause she drinks too much sometimes.

i'm going to bed now. i'm tired.

2005-10-01 04:19:59 ET

i would've peed myself

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