I am Dart Gayder
2005-10-06 18:56:19 ET

So Olivia has decided to be Tinker Bell for halloween this year which she is mega excited about.

Emilee however, has gone the other route and picked Darth Vader..aka Dart Gayder. The first time she saw him was on a magazine, she asked who he was and i told her, and from that moment on she's been obsessed haha. She's 2 1/2 years old and obsessed with a character that's been around longer than her mother haha. And that she knows nothing about other than he's the bad guy, but turned bad for a good reason, and that he has the red saber (which i bought her) and he says "luke I am your fader" and breathes funny. haha. we've taught her all the tricks, she even knows how to use the saber, which is twice her size but they don't make them for toddlers. She has also picked out the big mask (not the voice changing adult one, just the bigger of the two available for kids) because it's cooler. All i need now is a copy of the new version of the imperial march that they did for episode III and she'll be set, i wanna put it on a tape recorder and have it playing while she walks around haha. she'll be awesome!

i saw the puppy today! tomorrow i'm taking my mom and my dog to go meet her. the this weekend the lady is going to review all the people who have come in and decide who is best. So we'll see who gets her.

i have to work really ahrd the next few weeks. school is kicking my ass hardcore and it sucks big time. but i'm going to work and i'll do a good job. i missed class today but was smart enough to send my homework to my teacher via email, an dhe actually took it so i'm glad :) so i dn't look like too much of a slacker hha, though that's the class i did good on the test in so i'm not a slacker in there anyway.

ok that's all for now in the life that is mine.

peace yo

2005-10-06 19:09:40 ET

haha darth gayder... how cute. u mentioned that last time i was up..haha but its just a cute image. Much like that lil kid next door that came out wearing blue pjs and a DV mask..haha that was cute.
Im sure everything will work out for peg...haha i cant get over that...hahaha
take care of yourself miss tash, everything will be ok :D

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