Under Construction
2005-10-16 20:14:52 ET

I'm redoing my page...as you can all see..not sure why since i'm never here...oh well guess i just got bored with studying...back to studying then sleep.

much love all


2005-10-16 20:17:13 ET

I like it. pretty springy. glad to hear from you!

2005-10-16 20:18:21 ET

Pretty..flowers..*touches screen*

2005-10-17 05:25:22 ET

Those are shots I took in Ireland/Scotland this year. *sniffles* i miss it

2005-10-17 10:11:37 ET

if you need new pics of me...just holla!!


love ya girl!! and the page look fab!! tehe

2005-10-17 10:41:19 ET

Cool =D

2005-10-17 10:44:35 ET

I probably wont' keep this background...it's too busy for me, but I'll prolly use some of the pictures elsewhere. I dunno yet. I'm too focused on my test..which I need to go take now..

2005-10-17 10:57:31 ET

Good luck

2005-10-18 18:59:52 ET

oooooo purple, pretty :D
i likes it better then the flowers :D

2005-10-19 09:40:33 ET

purple?? my background is black...

2005-10-19 09:41:19 ET

i think he means the borders

2005-10-19 10:02:46 ET

oooh those have always been pinkish/purple though haven't changed that part yet hehe

2005-10-19 10:09:25 ET

then I thenk me and him both are we todd ed

2005-10-19 17:04:26 ET

we all have our moments ^_^

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