So Tonight
2005-10-20 19:22:13 ET

I sent an email to Damon about Jamaica telling him a definite one knows what I'm talking about unless I talk to you outside of SK haha (Brad and Viola).

I talked to mom today and she's going to help me pay for the ticket to go to my friends wedding in Jamaica December 17th-21st. It's an all inclusive trip to a resort so EVERYTHING is paid for so I don't have to spend any money while i'm there which is the main reason I'm ok with going haha. Otherwise I'd be too damn broke to go. I could pay to get there but not to get back or eat while I was there haha. So we get room, food, booze(kristen's favorite part), transportation to and from resort (we wont' be leaving it..kinda dangerous), and everything else really. But I guess that is everything.

umm..theres me kristen (the bride) and one other girl going so lord knows i'll be staying in a room with at least 2 guys, loads of fun when booze is free haha. But i'm not worried. Kristen's brother is going so at least I know one guy that has my back, he's a dork but he's Army trained so he's a buff dork haha.

Other than that lifes been pretty much the same. I got some medicine from my doctor to help me lose weight. We tested my thyroid..again..and it was fine so he said this would be a good way to help me get a jump start on losing the weight i want to lose. Since diet and exercise alone didnt' seem to be enough.

and some random guy asked what i wanted for my birthday in class today...weirdness. well he's not "random" he's the kid that sits next to me but still..weirdness.

and umm..i have a headache. so i'm going to go now

babbling is fun..unless you're the one reading it haha

2005-10-21 10:11:55 ET

i still think dude has a crush on you..

and i am supa excited you get to go!!!

2005-10-21 11:43:08 ET

haha this isn't high school haha

and i'm excited toooo!!

2005-10-21 13:51:11 ET

a crush is a crush is a crush is a crush...dur!

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