It's 7:45 am on SUNDAY
2005-10-23 03:53:56 ET

why am I awake?

because no one in this house (ok, no one other than mom and me) seems to know how to shut a door or cabinet without slamming it.

my bathroom is directly next to my bedroom. the cabinets are pretty much the same level as my head when i'm laying in bed (which wouldn't matter anyway I probably could have heard them no matter where i was in the room) and i am awake because of a get the picture)

vi...thank you for being WAY more curtious when you were living here. ^_^ I don't think you woke me up once the entire time. but then again your kid also doesn't stand 2 feet from my door screaming at you for attention (because mommy is too busy doing her hair to give the 3 year old any) every morning either.

ok i'm done..just kinda in a bad mood right now, i'm going to try and get back to sleep now.

2005-10-23 08:05:51 ET

haha, i think of others see...tehe

i used the bathroom downstairs so that i didn't wake any one!

do unto others as you would have others do unto you! dur..


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