Took some pictures last night...
2005-10-23 17:17:33 ET

used my new polaroid haha my cousin was lke "wow they still make those?!"


Gabrielle (melissa's brother's daughter)


Andrew (gabrielle's brother) and Emilee

2005-10-23 17:43:23 ET

i miss the little turds!

2005-10-23 20:32:16 ET

i miss them as well.. *sigh*

2005-10-24 04:37:55 ET

i cant believe how long emily's hair is!! sooo cute!

2005-10-24 06:18:32 ET

yeah her hair is hella long haha you should see it wet, and melissa says she won't cut it unless the curls start to fall out. which is good cause she chopped olivia's just cause she wanted to, which is fine cause damn i was tired of being woken up by her screaming about brushing her hair haha.

2005-10-24 13:11:14 ET

yeah kaylas curls were going that may happen with emily...and i keep her short now..i told her if she wasn't gonna brush it, i wasn't gonna fight her to brush there is SHORT

2005-10-24 18:15:31 ET

we told olivia if she kept putting up a fight we were just going to shave her head haha

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