Hypothetical Situation
2005-10-27 18:35:46 ET

So lets say you live in a house, and have probably lived there for a few years from the looks of it. You are currently renting the house and you know the owner has it up for sale, but that your lease isn't up until April so you won't have to move out until then.

Then someone decides they HAVE to have that house (even though the house isn't in that great of condition, the yard is a complete mess, there are no appliances included in the sale, and the bath tub desperately needs to be replaced..plus it's technically out of your price range). They won't stop hounding the owner about buying the house either, now the owner however did not list that the home would be occupied until April, but that's not the occupants fault, they aren't in charge of that.

Now here's where the problem comes in, this person who HAS to have this house wants you out. Before April.

Does anyone else find that to be INCREDIBLY selfish and rude? or is it just me?

2005-10-27 18:46:17 ET

poke them in the eye- you have a contract till April fuck them..

2005-10-27 18:48:20 ET

Thank you!!! Apparently my cousin doesn't see it that way she MUST LIVE IN THAT HOUSE!! so friggin rude and stupid

2005-10-27 18:59:10 ET

why must she live there... bc her sister lives right next door...... am i right?

2005-10-27 19:01:22 ET

yup and i quote.."if i live there i won't have to pay for daycare for olivia next year"

umm..smart one...if you don't pay daycare for olivia your child support goes down...so damn! there goes all that "extra" money you would have for YOURSELF

2005-10-27 19:05:02 ET

extend your contract.. hehe.. just to be vindictive. [did i spell that right?] you live there, she doesn't [and wont for awhile] so boohoo, you win! yay!

2005-10-27 19:06:41 ET

*shakes head an pulls hair* I... just.... dont .....get.... ppl...
I love your cousing melissa... but i dont think she thinks. i saw a post a while back you put up about one of the kids waking you up bc they were doing something themselves instead of having melissa help... bc she was doing her hair or something... i dunno.
I almost Wish Vi would move back up with you all... bc at least she tried to help you all a little bit.
how is the whole restraining order and court thing going for her by the way?

2005-10-27 19:07:09 ET

yeah see the couple that lives in the house is an older couple (not like uber old i just mean they are grandparents and probably don't have a lot of money) so it's a little selfish and rude to say "i'm buying the house get out"

her new plan is to buy it, and then when she has ownership see if they can buy their lease from them..ok...the logic in this is?!

the whole point of getting melissa out of our house is so her dad (ok well my mom supports her more but whatever) doesn't have to keep supporting her, BUT if they do it that way he's buying the house and he'll have to pay to buy those people's lease from them..>WTF?! that's more money then if she would jsut find ANOTHER frickin house

2005-10-27 19:07:39 ET

oha nd she has decided to drop supervised visitation and i don't know about the restraining order she'll probably be stupid and keep it

2005-10-27 19:11:44 ET

so shes going to... buy the rest of their lease?..... just to get them out sooner?

2005-10-27 19:12:44 ET

that's the new..."brilliant" plan yes...*cough*bullshit*cough*

2005-10-27 19:15:53 ET

ok... if she had money.. that wouldnt be as selfish... but im betting that she doesnt have enough money to do that right?
the best thing to do would be to allow the residents time to find another place and get things in order.. i mean the house isnt going ot go anywhere.
look at it this way.... i know you want her and the kids to have a good life.... if melissa wants to buy a rundown house that needs more work then its worth, then let her do it. let her burn her own blisters.

2005-10-27 19:19:44 ET

oh that's fine with me, i don't care about her buying the house, that's her grave. my problem is her being so rude to the people who live in the house. like she is some queen who can just kick people out of their house at will

2005-10-27 19:26:26 ET

well, that is really rude. Like i said, the best thing to do.. IF she is damned and determined to have that house, would be to give them time to find another place and such, at least be civil about it. *shrugs* but you know melissa.

2005-10-28 10:35:08 ET

well she was going to give them until Feb, but I still think it would be odd to have people living in a house you own. and she'll lose money that way too

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