In December, I'm going there for 3 days
2005-10-28 10:39:12 ET

The Beach:

The Pool:

The Room 1:

The Room 2:

We aren't positive yet what rooms we will get but they are basically all the same looking with just a few different features. I hope we get the one with the hammock cause I'll be sleeping there haha.

2005-10-28 15:48:42 ET

yeah cause i can soooooo see you sleeping in the hammock! haha silly girl!

2005-10-28 16:30:16 ET

no i'm serious do you know how HOT it's going to be in friggin jamaica? hahaha i'm going to be miserable unless i lose some serious weight

and i just realized i'm going to be a babysitter the entire time haha. let's see we have:

kristen & neal ...and free drinks...bad mix
kristen's brother adam...and any drinks...bad mix
damon...and anything...haha yeah
some guy named greg who will probably buy pot right off the plane and then be stoned and drunk the whole time haha
i don't know jenn but she seems ok
and then there's eric, who enjoys himself some alcohol haha

dear god...this wedding is going to end up on jerry springer...

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