Tryin to sleep ...and now i ramble about my day...then try and sleep again...
2005-10-29 20:15:26 ET

today we went to our new mall here in plainfield. it's friggin awesome haha.

it's open air so in the winter it won't be so cool but the places where you walk for the stores are covered. it's like it's own little town haha and they are adding more by Spring 2007 so this place is going to be huge.

Thankfully Hot Topic is one of the stores that was finished and open. The website for the mall said a whole bunch more stores would be open but today was only the second day and i don't think all of them are finished yet.

Also cool thing about this Hot Topic is the manager, is the guy that worked at Greenwood so he knows me and my mom haha. I of course asked for an application but dumbass me when I turned it in a little bit later, i had gotten distracted by my friend that i haven't seen in a while coming and talking to me and i forgot to fill in my availability, so when i handed it too him i looked real intelligent. i was like.."oh oops forgot that" but i told him i'm pretty much available whenever and i'm going to talk to Dan on monday and let him know that they might be calling him to find out about me working there (at my current job). I want him to be informed if they call that i'm not ditching this job I just need more money for other things and it's part-time anyhoot. So the Hot Topic guy who i can't remember his name said he'd prolly call middle of the week sometime. so hope i didn't look too stupid and hope i can come up with better answers to their interview questions or that they changed the interviewing process haha cause damn that's friggin hard ish. They ask you a lot about music and well I LOVE music and my life would be ish without it, but that doesn't mean I know a lot about music. What I think is one type of music may actually be something completely different and I really don't know about the whole process of figuring out whats "good" and what isn't. I'll listen to anything really. So i'm nervous about trying to be smart when it comes to music styles and how that relates to their store and their clothes & products so any suggestions you might have, feel free to speak up haha. They did change their app some, they added some of the questiosn the guy asked me in the interview last time to the application. Like what i think customer service is and why i picked to apply there and what skills i bring in. and then they asked how i learn about music and i put somewhere either that question or why i picked the store haha i put that i grew up around all different kinds of music and that it's a big part of my life. which it is. my lord you should see my CD collection haha and i really wish we had more good live shows around here. but i still don't know a lot about it.

anyway our movie theater opens up November 4th so if I don't get a job at the Hot Topic then I'll probably apply there. I really do need more money I just hope they are ok with the Jamaica thing, which I need to tell dan about as well but i'll tell him closer to the time.

damn i just looked at the map, there are a BUNCH of spaces not filled in this mall, more then i thought.

we are getting an irish pub haha so cool. and our Barnes & Noble doesn't open til next year damnit. we have most of the normal stores for a mall but then we have a bunch i've never heard of before. it's pretty interesting we were there for about 2-3 hours today.

ok that's all i'm done with my ramble and i need to try and sleep i was up late last night too.


I got this today, to wear over jeans which is how they had it displayed in the store and it looked way cooler then it does in this picture haha

2005-10-29 23:47:51 ET

I like the wide diamond pattern

Do empty fronts mean spce foe exploration and hiding?

Seems in interview
there are no right answers
just a wall of questions for the interviewer to hide behind
to make issolated judgements

just me being cynical
good luck

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