2005-10-30 19:07:40 ET

My cousin got her house. The one she wanted.

So here's how things stand now:

mom's in a shitty mood and wants to talk to melissa bout how things are going to change since she isn't moving out now til probably april. meaning she'll probably ask her to maybe pay her something each month, to help more with food buying, and definitely to help around the house more.

get mom tells her before she leaves to take "dart gayder" and tinkerbell to her mom's house for halloween there that we are going to be cleaning today and that it should go real easy with all THREE of us doing it because she's tired of doing it by herself (if she doesn't include me even though i do help melissa gets upset). So she leaves....and she's gone til we are done cleaning...haha go figure!!! she did however clean her bathroom well the one that is mine that her and the girls use. thank goodness too cause it needed it i don't think it'd been cleaned in a few weeks. i give her credit when she cleans she does a damn good job, she just doesn't ever start that's the issue haha.

so moms stressed and now my oma is stressed and well my oma ever since she was sick this last time has been a lot different then normal. it used to take a lot to get my oma upset and now it doesn't take hardly anything and her and mom are arguing over something stupid. she goes out to eat with her friends at home all the time and she wouldnt' go out with me and mom. we don't know why. she's constantly complaining (hey i get it honsetly haha i know i complain alot) about stuff that doesnt' need to be complained about. like when she was here this past time, she would get upset if melissa didn't do her laundry or something right away and so she would do it but then she'd bitch about doing it haha. and she didn't eat dinner with us at the table once. infact i don't think she even sat at the table with us once. she doesn't feel like it's "her place" anymore..whatever! haha i love my oma but mannnnn she has spent way too much time with her brother haha.

ummm...oh...i have 5 or 6 bracelets for the ONE foundation. America's version of MakePovertyHistory. I bought $10 worth of bracelets. If anyone would like me to send them one i'd be happy to. Not many people around here know what i'm talking about when i ask if they want one so i have quit asking. All the money you donate goes towards the fund...well it's not really a donation i mean it is but you are buying something in return haha..but they give the money all to the foundation so that's cool. You can read about the MakePovertyHistory one through the link in my bio, it's essentially the same thing only it's the UK side of it. Or go here to read about ONE

ok that's all


2005-10-30 19:34:25 ET

Tell your mom good luck with the melissa talik.. that should be interesting.
on a positive note, at least she got her house.. and she will be outta your house relativly soon. (think you can survive till April 06? haha)
*hugs for your oma* Bless her heart, im glad that she is feeling a little bit better. your mom said she was doing alot better last time i emailed her.
hehe how did the darth gayder costume go? hehe

2005-10-30 19:36:01 ET

the dart gayder costume is friggin awesome haha. i never did get the tape thing to work though :( buti 'm still going tot ry, tomorrow night is our halloween. she loves it haha. and we got her a tshirt at hot topic that has him on it and it says "who's your daddy?" and she loves that. haha. she FLIPPED OUT!! so that made mom happy cause she bought her a piggy bank for her birthday with him on it haha. and it talks too it's awesome.

2005-10-30 19:44:37 ET

hahhhahaah she is sooooo gonna grow up with hero worship to him..haha but that is just way to cute to be anything bad..hahah

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