So...kinda long, but really crappy
2005-11-02 14:19:30 ET

I went to get my hair cut last saturday because my bangs were REALLY annoying.

My hair dresser lady is really nice, I've been going to the same one pretty much since we've lived in Indiana. Her and her family were always really religious and they always were in good spirits and never had a bad word to say about anybody. Her husband, I'll call him D, was a singer at the church and I think he even has a few cds out of christian music.

I think it was a few years ago, 2 maybe 3, that they moved into this really nice big house on some land, and D decided to start singing with this lady in church and at gigs and stuff (she was their neighbor, i'll call her S cause she's well...satan spawn as far as I'm concerned haha) so my hairdresser was ok with it at first, but then she started feeling mroe and more uncomfortable about the situation. And she was a very very trusting person but she jsut knew that he was pulling away from her and the family (they have 2 daughters, one 15 and one 18). So she asked him a few times and he always said that it was just singing. Well comes out later that they decide they are "in love" and that it was "gods purpose to put them together" (what the freak ever, he wouldn't have done that to my hairdresser, she is the nicest most christian lady (and not the kind of chrsitians who say they are an dthen aren't. or who are super judgemental of everyone..she is awesome) and god wouldn't do that to her or her girls). anyway this lady, S, leaves her family (she was married too) and D leaves his family and they get married...blah blah blah.

So now on to what I found out last saturday...their daughters have tried to be accepting of the whole thing, but end up siding with their mom. They don't like S and they feel really betrayed by their dad and are hurt because of what he did to them and the family and how he's treating the situation now (he's a real ass). So the youngest gets the idea that since him and his new wife are going out of town for the weekend, they'll egg his house (this was a few weeks ago i think). Well my hairdresser just thought they were kidding so she kinda egged them on, well they decided to actually do it. to egg and toilet paper the windwows of this house.

Now...mind you..this is their DADs house. It has vinyl siding and pretty new windows, so it's not like it's causing any real damage...and again...DADs house.

He calls the cops...and is pressing "crminal mischief" charges against most cases means, the youngest will be tried as an adult as well.

Now most likely they won't get anything, but at the most it would probably be probation,and maybe smoe restitution or community service, but seriously......IT'S THEIR DAD!!! These kids have never done ANYTHiNG wrong..and now they are going to have this on their record for the rest of their lives (unless the youngest is tried as a juvenile then it'll prolly be dropped and if not that record isn't a big deal). Honestly, how could you do that to your own kids?

I can see calling the cops and scaring them, but make them clean it up, or make them do lawn work for a year, or clean the house for a year or something. Making them go through being put in jail, fingerprinted, all taht jazz and then having a record is just uncalled for...especially for eggs and toilet paper. It's not like the set the place on fire, or used something that could cause a whole hell of a lot mroe damage.

Grrr...people like him make me mad, cause he's just trying to make his new wife happy and he doesn't care about his kids anymore. I can see being pissed at them but seriously...jail and charges? that's bullcrap.

Anyway i'm done ranting now i have to go eat dinner then study for a test...

2005-11-02 15:41:08 ET

I don't understand why he wouldn't care about his kids.

2005-11-02 16:17:53 ET

I don't get it either, he's potentially screwing up their future. Colleges don't look highly on that stuff. I mean it's one thing if it was simple vandalism or something stupid, but criminal mischief looks bad.

2005-11-02 20:18:38 ET

You know, I was thinking about it, I think I might have misunderstood about what you meant. I hate internet, you don't get tone of voice with it.

Umm..did you mean you dont' understand why he wouldn't press charges because theya re his kids?

or did you mean you don't understand why he would press charges and not care about his kids?

haha i just wanted to clarify ^_^

2005-11-03 05:34:26 ET

you had it right

or did you mean you don't understand why he would press charges and not care about his kids?

I don't understand why he would mess up his own kid's future.

After all, the husband lived with the children many years
He ought to care about their future.

2005-11-03 07:11:06 ET

Yeah, I'm not a hugely religious person, but you would think if he was this great christian that he says he is that he would want to try and help his kids feel better about the situation of him and his new wife, not bascially make them hate him even more.

i dunno... i just hope they don't get in too much trouble.

2005-11-03 09:39:19 ET

They will probably be all right as far as the law goes
as for being traumatized by their father ...

2005-11-03 11:24:56 ET

oh yeah he's done a real good job of making them like him again haha

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