Ok so
2005-11-05 07:12:13 ET

I turned in that application at Hot Topic last weekend. And since I forgot to fill in my availability I thought maybe I'd take in my class schedule and resume just to give them an idea of when I'd be avaiable to work. Do you think that's a good idea or have I waited to long? I just thought of it last night like a dumbass haha.

Anyway...any opinions are welcome ^_^ so long as you odn't call me a dumbass I already covered that one hehe

2005-11-05 09:03:28 ET

It'll show them you're interested

2005-11-05 10:32:33 ET

that's what I thought, yeah i'm taking it. i'll juset let them know that i didnt' fill in the availability and wanted them to have a copy of it. *shrugs* can't hurt haha

2005-11-05 10:50:53 ET

Good luck! =)

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