And I'm in a ranting mood....
2005-11-11 10:37:29 ET

I'm probably going to get a whole load of people on my case about how i "dont know what i'm talking about" or whatever, but honestly...don't much care haha. just in that kinda mood today.

so let me first start off by saying i am in no way trying to be all "i'm perfect i know it all" i know i don't know everything and i am sure as hell not perfect in any way haha so dont' take this as me saying i never screw up cause i do, plenty.

so i'm on my way home and i look in my rearview mirror and see this...

i could literally see the underside of the truck, crap i'm not supposed to be able to see. i don't get this, honestly. unless you work on a farm, in construction, or do an awful lot of toting shit around and pulling crap there's no need for you to have a truck the size of a tank. Another thing, living in plainfield Indiana, you do not need to buy yourself a Hummer thinking it'll make you cool. actually i don't get the whole "hummer" thing unless you work in the military or one of the above mentioned jobs, why the hell do you need it? first off gas prices are outrageous so you are wasting money, secondly you're being every so kind as to contribute a crap-load more then I do to the growing problem of global warming and losing our ozone and all that jazz. i don't understand america's obsession with HUGE friggin cars, it's not necessary unless your job description requires that you use one.

also on the topic of evironmental problems, i was in the car with my cousin the other day and she smokes (that's a whole nother topic i won't get into haha) so she's unwrapping a new pack of cigarettes and where does she throw all the plastic crap she just pulled off the pack? out the window. she does this every time, and with most all her trash unless it's too big to do so without being completely obvious and possibly causing a wreck. ok i may throw my gum out the window or on the ground if i can't find a trash can an dyes i know that's bad too, but seriously..all your friggin trash? and i know we have dumps and when you put it in the trash it ends up there anyway, but those are designated places the trash goes, not on the side of the road or in someone's front yard. i went outside today and found a dr pepper can sitting by our garage door, which means that she was too lazy to hit the garage door opener and put it int he trashcan right inside the door. wtf?! so now there's a bunch of ants on it ...lovely. and i know it was her cause she's the only one in the house that drinks dr. pepper and mom would have taken the time to throw it in the trash.

and i think i'm done. sorry i just get reaaaalllyyy annoyed at people sometimes haha

2005-11-11 10:42:11 ET

Litterbugs *tsk tsk*

2005-11-11 11:06:36 ET

I threw cigerettes out the window

2005-11-11 18:41:19 ET

i agree with you on both of these topics..haha (even though i think we may have talked about this once before).
that truck is majorly jacked up on stuff, which i never really saw the point in... UNLESS you do the extreme rock climbing sport.... to where if you dont have all those shocks and stuff then ou wont get anywhere.. but as for driving a truck that is so high you have to have a ladder to get into it... and then driving around town with mud-grips tires on... its just friggin stupid. As for the hummer thing, i think its stupid.. sure i mean they are armored and could withstand a wreck and all.. but still. My thoughts are, if you have the money for a gas guzzler right now.. go ahead and buy it.. your money not mine. Its a big strain on the enviroment.. but i pretty much give up on people ever seeing how stupid they are sometimes about this stuff (like peopel that buy these freaking v8 extended cab trucks just bc they want one and they look 'cool').
the littering thing.. not cool. when i was in school dad would always eat soe kinda wrapped cookie or something for breakfast as we drove to school (poptarts or something) he would always throw his junk out the window and tell me to do the same, i would put mine in my pocket and get rid of it later when i was near a trash can. most people dont understand how long it takes for that smit to break down...grrr

2005-11-11 19:03:53 ET

people throw cigs out the window all the time, i gave up worrying about that one.

tho she did kinda make me mad the other day , she drove my car for a while and was smoking in it (which i'm cool with) but there was a shit load of ash in my backseat that you can clearly see when you get into the car (if you aren't an airhead and oblivious to everything around you) so that pissed me off cause i had ash all over the place.

2005-11-11 19:12:14 ET

dats not cool. i have no prob with folks smoking in my truck.. just dont like ash all over the place.
im not much for people throwing cigs out the window ether.. mainly bc someone flicked one out there window once.. and as i passed by it flew in my window and smacked me in the face... twsant fun.

2005-11-11 22:58:49 ET

I always check the rear view
and ash out the window

2005-11-11 23:03:02 ET

I hate the feeling of chucking a cigarette out the window... and it falling back in the next window... then you cant find it.

2005-11-11 23:11:45 ET

I've learned to hold the cigerette outside and below the open wind hole before dropping it.
Blow back is just bad news.

2005-11-11 23:12:59 ET

lol Especially while on the freeway, when it lands in the back seat.

2005-11-11 23:18:14 ET

I have to pull over to make sure I don't burst into flame.

2005-11-12 06:04:15 ET

see that's a responsible driver haha, my cousin would look for it while still driving. *nodnod*

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