it was a day
2005-11-14 16:15:20 ET

today i realized a few things...

i bitch too much...

i am a bitch...

i procrastinate WAY too much...

i'm still fat...(haha yes i am so :-P)

my harsh/tell-it-like-it-is nature is a "just tasha" thing that I don't like all that much anymore...

people blow things WAY out of proportion sometimes...

no one knows how to drive...

i'm not doing so well in school anymore...

i'm in debt...

and all-in-all it as a pretty shitty i'm done complaining and/or stating the obvious.

just not in the mood to deal with anything anymore

2005-11-14 18:35:16 ET

and i thought i was a spaz...okay

so you don't bitch any more than every other person on the planet

you are NOT a bitch...i mean, come on now!

procrastination is life!

shut up about being fat!

and i think i may be guilty when you say "just tasha" cause i may have said something to that effect last night, i am sorry, but you are you are you...(and a bitch is not you) do unto others as you would have others do unto are straight up cause that is how you want ppl to be with you...wouldn't it be nice if this actually happened??!

I am sorry you had a shitty day :(


2005-11-14 20:05:51 ET

i agree with vi, everyone bitches about stuff, its life...

your not a bitch, so do not think that.

who doesnt procrastinate?

You are not fat *pokes*

I really am sorry about the post if thats what you mean about 'peopel blow things way out of proportion'. I really am sorry about that... pppppwwwwease dont be mad, im just weird, but of course you know this already right?

Everyone gets 'senoritis' or whatever you want to call it, School is boring after so much of it... its easy to get burnt out. Your almost done though :D just keep your chin up.

debt is a part of life... especially if your in school.

Your straight up about stuff, which is the best way to be. Everyone wants someone to be the same way. Better to be straight up about stuff, me thinks at least.

Anyways, i dont know if my post will mean anything at all, i really am sorry about stuff. Just know im here if you need to talk, or if you need to pm and rant to someone ill be around, always have and always will.


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