Damn the man!!!
2005-11-15 17:53:36 ET

So I have a paper to write, you know I told someone yesterday that it was 3000 words, or rather 7-10 pages and they were like 'waht? that's a normal paper" O_O normal? haha the most i've had to write so far in my high school and college career is 4-5. But most of my assignments this semester have ahd to be that long so i guess i should have been prepared for the paper to be longer.

so it's due thursday, like a moron , i have waited til the last minute to start typing it. now i've been researching my ass off to come up with stuff to use for the paper, but i haven't actually sat down to write anything until yesterday. and so far i have the introduction, and about 2-3 paragraphs....yeah ..umm..this is going to take a while. the good thing is it's not due until thursday and i dont' have class tomorrow and i told them at work i wouldnt' be there because of it. so there fore i'm working day and night to get this damn thing done, but there's onlys o much you can take of reading about offender reintegration before your brain turns to mush so i'm taking it one step at a time.

at this point, i just want to get it done and turn it in screw it if it isn't done right haha.

umm..other than that i'm out of things to say

so back to work

2005-11-15 21:22:29 ET

7-10 pages? what kinda freaking class is this?
I havent had as much school experiance as you have and the most i have had to do is like 4-5ish... tops.
Tiss freaking crazy.
I hope everything works out for you miss tasha :D I believe in ya, just hang in there with it.

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