I'm a dork...
2005-11-15 20:48:24 ET

So i had that interview last thursday and afterwards the guy told me that they'd probably be calling people by tuesday, but if i hadn't heard anything by tuesday to give them a call because "we may just get busy"..

so today...well techically tis' 2 am here so tis' yesturday...was tuesday, do i give them one more day and then call, or do i call at all?

i've never really been through this process before haha. and what should i say wheni call?
"hi you hired me yet?" haha i jsut don't want to seem like a stalker or something you know?

anyway..yeah...i really wanted this job dangit haha

2005-11-15 21:06:55 ET

If they tell you they're going to call on tuesday, you call them on tuesday before they close. I would call as soon as possible.

make sure you remember names, like "the guy" who told you they'd call by tuesday. so when you call you know who to ask for, if you don't know their name, then ask for the manager, or whoever is in charge of hiring. when you get a hold of who you need to talk to give them your full name, and what position you applied for and blah blah. if the manager isn't around, ask for the name of whoever you talked to (write it down), and ask the when a good time to call back would be.
If you call them back, you can be like "Hi, i talked to sara, on weds, and i was wondering if i could speak to ::manager name here::"

anyways, bottom line: be persistant and name drop so it sounds like you're on top of things.

2005-11-15 21:13:35 ET

well i remember the managers name is justin cause i already kinda know him.

i guess i'm just paranoid about looking like a freak and calling all the time.

i'll probably give them a call before they close tomorrow if i don't hear anything during the day. i didn't remember today was tuesday until just a few minutes ago haha. stupid criminal justice papers

but thanks for the help n-stuff. you'd figure with all the jobs i've had i'd be comfortable with this kinda stuff but i only interviewed for 2 of them. so i'm not real familiar with the whole process

2005-11-15 21:25:45 ET

I agree with DarkSource, you have to be persistant. Your not going to look like a freak, your just going to look intrested in the job, thats all :D.
Some places like to give you an estimate just to see if you will call back i think. When i started my job they said 'we should call you by next tuesday; two weeks later i called them and they said 'oh my, I was just about to call you, trainging starts blah blah blah' so who knows, maybe its like test or something.
I still think its funny that your current job just called and told you when to come to work..haha not interview.. nothing just 'show up for work' haha

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