I Walk The Line
2005-11-18 20:49:05 ET

Ok, first let me just say how much I love Joaquin Pheonix (i've seen all but i think one of his movies)

and also, i am now even more in love with him haha

and i have a new found respect for mr. cash. not just cause of Joaquin, and not just cause of the movie (though DAMN!!! even if you don't think you'll like it, go see it!!!) and i'm seriously adding to my collection as much johnny cash as i can get my hands on...and my mom thinks i'm insane.

and how excited am i that the soundtrack has the casts original recordings on it!!! cause Joaquin and Reese both did a really good job. awesomeness..

ok so i'm done ranting now gotta get to bed so i can finish a birthday cake for emilee in the morning,

today was her 3rd birthday! happy birthday Dart Gayder!!

2005-11-18 23:18:34 ET

Johny Cash has always been awesome in my book... but after he passed they had a special on telling all about his past and its seriously kind jaw dropping if you ask me. I want to see that movie sooooo bad, tonight it was between that one or harry potter three... and giving into my inner geek.. i went with harry potter... but tommorrow is another day!
Happy Birfday to miss Emilee aka Dart Gayder!

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